me, missy higgins & an endless pile of snot. it’s all connected.

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ash has a bad cold. it’s more dramatic than i thought it would be, because it means that neil and i have been getting zero sleep at night, because ash isn’t sleeping, he’s just crying and like a fleshy barnacle who will not release my tit from his poor, snot-covered mouth, and that has this rational knock-on effect that the days, which were supposed to be filled with productiveness and wonder, are kind of blearly unorganized messes.

on my list of things to do today was to post here and ask you guys to ask me questions about parenting and now i’m sitting here laughing at myself. i am covered in baby snot. what more could you ask? it snot love.


anyway…FREAL…this sunday i am doing something bizarre and wonderful. missy higgins, who’s a wonderful aussie performer and songwriter with whom i’ve  collaborated before, are doing the sunday sermon for THE SCHOOL OF LIFE (remember when i did it in london? it was rad).

we’re going to play some songs together, make the audience sing, talk about life, and parenthood, take questions from the audience, and generally try to fight the negative vibes of hte universe by talking to each other and to you.

i’m hiring an engineer to professionally record this AND if all goes well, TURN THIS INTO A PODCAST that i thing…so hold onto your seats because hopefully you’ll all get to hear it in full audio glory.

that being said…i took questions directly from the audience at the woodford festial the other day and it kind of sucked. some of the questions were wonderful and some of them just trailed off a cliff. so INSTEAD of taking all of our questions from the live audience, i figured i would come over here to the land of nice articulate patrons and ASK you to ASK.

try to forumlate a question we can answer from stage that isn’t too too long to read (try to keep it under about 200-250 characters or so, no long rants please) and IF YOU LIKE A QUESTION, HEART IT, that way i can keep track of what seems interesting to you guys. we’ll probably select 4-5 of the top questions, depending on time



if you’re a patron reading this in email form, don’t forget to click through to comment.



p.s. if you’re IN MELBOURNE, FOR GODS SAKE, COME!! here’s the linkt o tickets: 

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