Ask Amanda


what i’d like for my birthday.

(public-post) hallo loves. it’s my birthday tomorrow (the 30th). i’ll be 41. neil asked what i wanted for my birthday, and since it’s the day that american gods premieres (eeeeee!) and since we have both been traveling at a clip...
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together, we float.

this blog was originally posted to patreon. sign up here to read blogs first! (public post) dear ones… greetings from indonesia. i’m in ubud, bali, possibly the most beautiful place i’ve ever seen on earth, and i don’t say that lightly. but look,...
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ANNOUNCING…ASK AMANDA. please…ask away.

“ask amanda”: a new experiment. so, dear ones. it’s time i started an official long-form “ask amanda” and i think i’m going to kick it off by simply taking anonymous submissions via email and posting long-form answers on the blog...
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