ANNOUNCING…ASK AMANDA. please…ask away.

“ask amanda”: a new experiment.

so, dear ones. it’s time i started an official long-form “ask amanda” and i think i’m going to kick it off by simply taking anonymous submissions via email and posting long-form answers on the blog (then cross-post them to facebook). i din’t want to take question submissions here on the blog because i didn’t want people to accidentally post without anonymity/ask them to log out before replying…we’ll see how it works.

i’ve had some offers from newspapers, but it’s taking too long. i am going to simply Do Internet.

i set up a new email account just to field questions:

use it. no idea what’s going to happen.

please DO ask questions about:
• life
• art
• love
• music business
• making
• feeling
• people
• hearts
• souls
…and that kind of thing.

please DON’T ask questions about:
•w hen i’m going to be touring your city
• what my favorite foods are
• what my power animal is
• why the sky is blue
…and other shit like that.

there’s a FAQ on the dolls’ site with some silliness here and there but this is different. for this, i will ignore those and they will just create email clutter that needs to be deleted. please stay real. i’d like to make this column work so keep the questions real.

your identity will remain ABSOLUTELY ANONYMOUS. feel free to sign off using a pen name, such as “confused in the cellar”, “stranded and wondering in alaska”, “lost holding my lover’s butt-plug”…etc. etc.

let’s see how this goes, shall we?

email me.


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