announcing an “evening with AFP” short tour of the USA

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having now written and promoted a book (did you miss that?), and having spent over a year doing the things that one must do to have written and promoted a book (hint: lots of sitting on my ass in front of a computer, and very little sitting on my ass in front of a piano)….i am fairly crawling the walls to go back to music.

also, it is a depressing state of affairs to be confronted with people everywhere telling me: “i’ve never heard your music, but…”

this is, and would be, a lovely sentence if it were commonly completed with “…but i’m rushing to the internet this very second and downloading your entire catalog, after which point I plan to open myself a large bottle of wine and sit in a darkened room for 5 or 6 hours, bathing in the profound emotional tsunami of witty, cryptic, heartbreaking and yet ultimately accessible and universally touching songs you have written and recorded over the last dozen years.”

instead, i am confronted with:

“i’ve never heard your music, but i’ve watched your TED talk like 80 times…”
“i’ve never heard your music, but I love your book and I’ve bought like seven copies of it for my friends….”

…which I can only assume would be finished off with “…and I have no intention of ever hearing your music.”

why do I think this? because I am, at the core base, an incredibly insecure songwriter and control freak who wants people TO LOVE ME FOR THE RIGHT REASONS GODDAMIT, which is ridiculous when you think about it, seeing as Love is Love, and what IS my TED talk if not a 13-minute dramatic monologue delivered by a person dressed in a rock-star costume on a well-lit stage? right? it’s theater at the end of the day. so. okay. i did a Theater Thing.

the book…maybe the same.
i did a Writer Thing!

truth: i am still hungry for a certain love.
i want people to love me for doing the Music Thing.

so i figure
there is only one way to really fix this problem, and that is TO GO ON TOUR.

i’m still reeling from the basically-no-days-off-in-an-entire-year schedule of 2014, my life at home is a catastrophe….
and things are a bit of a mess pretty much any way you slice it, but i’m going on tour.


having just done the book tour, we picked cities that I haven’t been in for a while.
only eight cities.

i am not bringing the band.
i am not bringing any performance artists or extra stage dancers.
i am not bringing anything, really.

i am bringing a piano and a ukulele, and i am am going to go back to what i do:
make songs for people in a room.

i miss it.

i’m also going to design a new line of merchandise to sell at the shows (and nudie pens! and i’ll probably have copies of the book).
i’ll be signing every night, these halls are small enough.


a favor. i am not hiring a publicist to get me into all the local newspapers.
at this point, i am going to try to trust that using THIS BLOG is going to be enough
to fill the houses.
this means i need you, so please spread word for me.
forward this blog, share the links to the show dates, find people to come with you.

i think these shows are going to be very, very special.
i miss playing solo. i’ve played most of these venues before, i love them, and i’m incredibly excited to get back to my catalog of songs (some old dresden dolls stuff i haven’t played in ages, some covers, some solo stuff, some mysteries)….

so please, help me fill these houses.

also: if you ARE from the press or know somebody who works for a magazine/local newspaper
who might want to preview the show or get in an interview, i’m open for business…just not using a publicist.
just email press@amandapalmer.net and include what outlet you write for.


on sale now:

Thursday, February 26::  Somerville, MA – Cuisine En Locale - *SOLD OUT*

featuring PWR BTTM!! (if you want to know more about the somerville shows, this blog here is for you!)

Monday, March 2::  New York, NY – Ace Hotel

w/ host Mike Albo for an hour-long talk and Q and a session. More info and tickets on sale now here. (Tickets are $10 or $8 with the discount code: judyb)

Thursday, March 5::  Somerville, MA – Cuisine En Locale – *SOLD OUT*

featuring PWR BTTM!! (see blog above)

Wednesday, March 18::  Vancouver, British Columbia – Vogue Theatre

AMANDA PALMER & FRIENDS FROM TED present a night of random music, ideas & mayhem. all proceeds to benefit the Vancouver Food Bank.

tickets on sale now here.

Monday, March 23::  New York, NY – Carnegie Hall

THE MUSIC OF DAVID BYRNE & TALKING HEADS!! 100% of the net proceeds to benefit Music Education for Underprivileged Youth

tickets on sale now here.

Friday, May 8::  Chicago, IL – How to Design Live Conference

AMANDA PALMER in conversation with maria popova (you know her from the essential brainpickings.org) at the How to Design Live Conference in Chicago. more info here.

on sale on friday Feb 20th at 10 am local time:




Saturday, April 4::  DC – Lincoln Theater

onsale now here.

Sunday, April 5::   RICHMOND, VA – The National

onsale now here.

Monday, April 6::  RALEIGH, NC – Fletcher Opera Theatre

onsale now here

Thursday, April 9::  ATLANTA – Variety Playhouse

onsale now here

Friday, April 10::  BIRMINGHAM, AL – WorkPlay Theatre

onsale now here

Saturday, April 11::  NEW ORLEANS – Civic Theater

onsale now here

Tuesday, April 14::  AUSTIN – Paramount Theatre

onsale now here.

Wednesday, April 15::  DALLAS – Granada Theater

onsale now here.

follow http://amandapalmer.net/shows for updates!


see you there.



fuck prada….amanda palmer for kurzweil

(credit: Jayme Thorton for Paste magazine)

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