this is…the most beautiful thing. (kambriel is gonna help me take a lil piece of you on tour)

kambriel – the clothing designer who’s designed/repurposed/made a LOT of different tour costumes for me over the years, including the incredible “crowdsurfing jacket” from the theatre is evil show – is working on something for my book-concert-tour…
photo and “bottomfeeder” blog via leslie fandrich

…and she’s CROWDSOURCING the material to make me a kimono, so i can basically WEAR ALL OF YOUR SOULS ON THE ROAD!!

as she explains on her livejournal, all you have to do is mail her an old shirt/binky/piece of fabric with any meaning whatsoever, and she’ll sew it all together in time for book-tour kick-off in boston, november 10th. i love this so much. it’ll be like having …a security kimono. i’ll be like linus, in fishnets.

and given recent lena dunham kerfuffle – no, we are not paying you for these scraps of fabric. we’re asking for them. if you send them, you’re donating them out of love and involvement.

i can see the gawker headlines now: “Amanda Palmer Takes It To Next Level And Turns Fanbase Into Actual Sweatshop”.

thank you, kambriel. you’re amazing.

i fucking love you all.

via kambriel, The book tour starts November 10th, so I’ll need to begin working on this as soon as possible. Please mail the piece/s you’d like to submit for possible inclusion to arrive by October 2Oth.
so…the deadline looms. if you wanna do this, hop to it. all of the specifics as well as where to mail them can be found here.


(AND while i have you: tour dates, if you missed them…i’m putting on “The Bed Show” musical in its primal state at Bard College november 5-8th then BAM on THE ROAD to play musical-book-reading-who-knows-what-special-guests concerts until thanksgiving. come find me:

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