ask me anything…i’m going live today, and answering.

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hola comrades….!


i haven’t tried this before here on patreon, but i figured…i’ve done a ton of AMAs on reddit, and i’d rather not give the traffic to faceborg, SOOOO let’s do an patron-only AMA here for the direct community.


to keep things fun, i’m going to sit my ass down and answer AS MANY QUESTIONS AS I POSSIBLY CAN, live, TODAY (tuesday january 19th)  from 4 pm mountain time (that’s 3 pm west coast, 6 pm eastern,  11 pm in the UK, and midnight for you germans and continent peeps.) i’ll go for a few hours until i fall over. i’ll tweet my progress. (@amandapalmer).


if you don’t manage to tune in while i’m answering, no problem, but i’ll be happily scrolling and discussing things/commenting back and forth live, with the annoying task of constantly refreshing the page….but whatever.


one nice thing about the AMA here is that only patrons can submit questions, so there’s not likely to be any spam (hooray!), as in “uh i don’t know u but where do u get yr shoes yr awsum ok bye” questions that usually pop up on reddit and facebook and so forth.


and when the AMA is over, it’ll live here forever, accessible to the public to read and peruse. so…look smart! jesus is coming!


questions to ponder/things to think about asking:


-the book, clarifications, questions, process!

-music, songs, lyrics, process, performing!

-motherhood, birth, lactating, boppies, bottles!

-stripping, sex work, condoms, lube!

-music business, promo business, social media business…!

-books, films, art!

-how the patreon works! i know a lot of you are new here. hit me!

-politics, balance, love, marriage, life, the big shit!

-the more interesing things i cannot thing about now at 1:30 am!


sky’s the limit, clearly. the better and weirder the question, the more likely it is to get answered…don’t just go for the easy “so what are you reading?” start conversations with me…that’s the most fun. try to really think and compose and don’t spam the feed.


i don’t know that i’ll be able to answer every question…but i’ll do my best to get to everything good. if you’re lurking and you like someone elses’ question, use the <3 button to indicate so, and i’ll keep an eye out for “liked” posts. also feel free to comment under questions you like to bring attention to good ones. add your own thoughts or tangents.


this space is ours. if you’re reading this via email, CLICK THROUGH TO COMMENT AND ASK!


as for me….i’ll be as honest and real as i can.


and i love doing this.

if it goes well, well do it again.




you’ve got about 13 hours in which to solve the labyrinth…

i mean, to ask your feckin question.







p.s. i may poke you with another email the munute we go live, just to remind you that we’re happenin’.


p.p.s. if you want to do me a super solid, post to your socials: “@amandapalmer is doing a live Q&A for us folks over at patreon, come watch!” or some such with this URL….when you’re feelin it: https://www.patreon.com/posts/ask..

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