NYtimes…and live stream of “universe in verse” on monday

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awesome article/photo in NYtimes from the poetry gig:https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/21/books/review/american-poets-refusing-to-go-gentle-rage-against-the-right.html?ref=todayspaper “This isn’t just confessional poetry, but poetry that’s meant to stir us into action…”YES.

honored to be pictured here…that’s the actor meg ryan in the hot black suit behind me, and to her right is cécile mclorin salvant, who inspired me during soundcheck to fuck the mic and go acoustic even though the room fit 1,200 people. she eviscerated the audience with her singing. no mic, sheer power.

to céclie’s right is the writer/director james lapine, and to meg’s left is actor wayne brady. everyone was phenomenal.

if you’re feeling inspired, go visit the academy’s website: https://www.poets.org/ 

more of this, please.

speaking of which, we WILL GET more of this…on monday!!

i’m going to be a poetry-reader (fun fact: i’m going to be reading a BRAND-NEW poem that neil is writing just for this event) at maria popova (brainpinckings.org)’s “the universe in verse” night in brooklyn @ pioneerworks in red hook.

the night is SOLD OUT, but she’s going to be live-streaming (i actually hooked her up with the same streaming service – huzza, which has now morphed into “kickstarter live”… long story – we’ve been using for patreon, YAY FRIENDS)….

so if you want a mainline of poetic inspiration, TUNE IN.

the stream – THIS MONDAY, april 24th – starts at SEVEN PM NEW YORK TIME…all info here:


the baby slept like a rock last night.

i’m slowly but surely catching up.

i love you.



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