OFFICIAL VIDEO for “the clock at the back of the cage” (and it’s gorgeous)

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hello loves!

IT’S ART THING DAY!!!! …i am beyond thrilled to finally share this with you: the new video for “the clock at the back of the cage” (the same track from the forthcoming “i can spin a rainbow” record” that i let your ears peek at the other day – if you missed the audio download codes, they’re HERE  for patrons only).

i have one request: WATCH THE VIDEO IN FULL SCREEN. pleeeeease. it’s a gorgeous sopt-animation with live actors (my friends christy and luke, both pro circus perfomers from melbourne, are in it and helped create the whole thing, it was shot in a warehouse in melbourne RIGHT after i left the country)… i see new details every time i watch. i know we use our phones for everything  internet, but if you have access to a computer, or an internet connected television screen (whoa, the future!!), watch it on the LARGEST screen possible. trust me. it’ll be ten times the video. IF YOU LIKE IT – SHARE THE VIDEO FAR AND WIDE!!! TELL PEOPLE THAT YOU, AMAZING PATRON, DOULA’D THIS SHIT INTO EXISTENCE! you are my media.

i also, as usual, wrote up a huge backstory (with behind-the-scenes photos and text about the process from the artists)….so GO SEE, it’s all been handed with love and care to the  official “i can spin a rainbow” project page, where you can find All the Things related to the edward&amanda record, we are trying hard to keep it updated in real time.


the credits are up on the project page, but i’m going to put them here to so you can feel an immediate satisfaction that your patron dollars went to SO MANY AWESOME AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS AND CREW!!! team oz!

and in general: from all of us….THANK YOU FOR PATRONIZING OUR WORK.


Directed by: Christy Louise Flaws, Chris Bennett, & Luke O’Connor
Cinematography: Chris Bennett
Performed by: Christy Louise Flaws & Luke O’Connor
Artistic assistants: Amanda Sabo, Helen Turton, Ollie Versteegen

Christy Louise Flaws & Luke O’Connor are:

Chris Bennett is:

thanks from christy and luke:

“Special Thanks to Dan Rabin at www.thecircusspot.com.au for the use of his venue, to Jens Altheimer for the use of his equipment, to Tim Elliott for behind the scenes photography, to Tim Elliott and Lauren Cruickshank for props and assistance, to all the fans and friends who donated clothes and fabric, and to Deborah James and Robert Murray for baby wrangling.  We couldn’t have done it without you.”

MORE ART!!!!!!!!




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