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hallo loves.

well, we did it. thanks to mike zug saying yes to an unexpected merch collaboration and my super-fast design team at team afp  present to you: the “fix your own shit” shirt and poster AND by request of a few patrons here, a NON-text clean version. since so many people also wanted “piano is evil”, i stuck it on the back. shirts in black and cream, shit and non-shit version in both colours.

i love what happens on the internet sometimes.  sometimes things like this happen and make me love the internet again.

heres the link to order: http://shop.amandapalmer.net/collections/featured

this is going out to patrons only over the weekend so you guys can get first crack and i’ll put them on sale to the public later in the week.

**if you previously ordered a men’s tee and would like to change this to a  women’s size, please email us at customercare@amandapalmer.net to cancel  your original order and receive a refund. from there you’ll need to  make a new purchase for the women’s size. sorry for the inconvenience!

view tee sizing here: http://amandapalmer.net/fix-your-own-shit-tee-sizing/


there are lots of new people here – WELCOME!!!

the first melbourne show was amazing. photos to come.

ALSO, if you’re coming to the sydney show, I AM MARCHING IN THE WOMENS MARCH there on the 21st, the day of my show at the sydney opera house.

more on that tomorrow.

i love you….



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