a talking heads….parody/public service announcement…WITH ACCORDION.

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hello loves!

here’s a great dumb video and voting reminder and and and…

**BIGGEST REMINDER: WE ARE WEBCAS-THING THE RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL BOWIE-WARM UP SHOW on tuesday MARCH 29th! it’ll start around 7:30/7:45 NYC time, more exact info coming, and i’ll post to the patreon & social mediae when we go live…mark your calendars, there will be blood! and strings! and guests! and bowie! we’re trying to make this an even better webcast than usual – PLAN TO RUN A BATH AND POP A BOTTLE OF WINE AND GATHER ON COUCHES AND TUNE IN!**


today is a crazy catch-up day after the two shows at meow wolf in santa fe (they were fantastic…and you can see footage, voila! but you’re going to have to hear me and jason sing about politics. :)

to all the patrons who came out to the show(s)…THANK YOU, and thank you for coming up afterwards and making yourself known. i’ve barely toured since starting the patreon and it’s making me very excited to get back on the road now that we have this secret/not-so-secret society.
for you who weren’t there (pretty much most of you)…you can see that the space was BEAUTIFUL. jason and i put together some crazy sets and we wrote a new song together that was actually quite touching called “the house of eternal return”, complete with audience sing-a-long. it needs a little work, but we’ll hopefully record it before time slips away. AND i played my first-ever solo piano rendition of “machete”. it needs some figuring out without the drums and strings…songs like that take time to evolve into their final selves.

ahem again….in my best joe strummer voice: this is a public AFP service announcement, WITH ACCORDION!! people: *THE WEST HAS NOT SPOKEN!* if you’re a patron in IDAHO! ARIZONA! UTAH!:
TOMORROW IS YOUR DAY! awesomeness: in idaho and utah you DO NOT HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO GET IN ON THIS…you can just rock up, register at vote in the primary at the same time. GO! get involved! save our planet from donald trump! to motivate you, Jason Webley and i just put together this version of Talking Heads (official)’s’s “burning down the house” to be about….y’know. the people of santa fe sang along.
here is EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW (care of jason, our political correspondent)


(and arizona, *today*’s kinda your day too because Jason Webley is playing in you tonight!! he’s playing The Trunk Space tonight at 7:30..all ages….$10! facebook.com/events/557582584403982)
Arizona has an CLOSED PRIMARY. You can vote any time during polling hours, but you must be registered with the party of the candidate you wish to vote for.
In order to vote in the primary, you need to have registered to vote in Arizona by February 22nd.
You can check your registration status here: voter.azsos.gov/VoterView/Registr..
Enter your address or voter information here to find your polling place: voter.azsos.gov/VoterView/Polling..
The polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm. Bring ID!


Idaho has a SEMI-OPEN CAUCUS. You must attend a caucus to participate. You can caucus for any candidate as long as you didn’t already take part in the Republican primary earlier this month.
Idaho allows SAME DAY REGISTRATION, so you can still register to vote!Check your registration here: idahovotes.gov/YPP_NEW/AmIRegiste..
If you need to register, you should show up to your caucus an hour early, or you can skip the lines by pre-registering here: idahodems.org
To find your caucus location, enter your address here: idahodems.org/caucus-locations
Show up to your caucus between 5 and 6 pm Mountain Time (or 4-5 pm Pacific time if you are in the panhandle). Doors close promptly at 7 pm (6 pm PST). Bring ID!


Utah has an OPEN CAUCUS. You can caucus for any candidate regardless of whether you are registered with a party.
Utah allows SAME DAY REGISTRATION, so you can still register to vote!Check your registration status here: vote.utah.gov/vote/menu/index
If you still need to register, you should show up early to make sure you have time. To find your caucus location, enter your address here: vote.utah.gov/vote/menu/index
You can place your vote anytime between 6 pm and 8:30 pm. As long as you are in line by 8:30, you will be able to vote.
But you should plan to show up a bit early, especially if you need to register. Bring ID!


life? i am kinda overwhelmed in personal and, the baby is gagagaing in a beautiful way, my fingers are a bit gnawed, i’m trying to hydrate…and i’m about to leave the southwest for new york/ east coast where i’ll be hunkered most of the upcoming season (with the exception of the month in london…mid-may/mid-june).


lots more soon.




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