just a note from under some covers

(public post)

hi loves

i’ve been meaning to post since yesterday about all of my own shit and about my teaching experience and about being back at college and about an exhausting secret film shoot and about how it was national ampersand day yesterday and hey i wrote a son about that once but actually

right now

i don’t have it in me and it feels like the world is going to hell in an apocalyptic handbasket and this is about all i have in me from under the covers:

i love you all.

neil and i have some extreme loved ones and friends stuck in florida and cuba right now and the hurricane is ravaging on so i’m reading the news obsessively.

if you’re down there, i hope you’re safe.

it’s a new dawn

it’s a new day

mother nature has come, knocking loudly on the door

it’s time to get up

just ten more minutes mom




change is a’comin

there’s something happening here

i hug you all

be safe

that’s all



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