wednesday webcast!, the road less traveled & note from HA-HA

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hola comrades.


**QUICK: save Wednesday night, vancouver time, prob around 7/7:30.



i’m on my way to pick up casey at the airport and go do our animal shelter show…


first i’ll share the art-words (we only have one more left, from david mack, and it’s comin’)…for now, HA-HA, an artist who came to me through sarah beetson, who did the above artwork for “heroes”….


he’s a street/stencil-artists from melbourne, australia.




I chose the ‘Heroes’ track because it has positive lyrics which inspire the listener to ‘be a hero even if its just for one day…’ . I remember watching a live version of Bowie singing Heroes on youtube & Bowie said ‘I dedicated this song to my son & everyone in the crowd who have kids & to parents of the world’ , I thought those were quite moving words. I was on facebook when I started to see comments & images popping up of Bowie thats when I realized he had passed on, over the followings weeks social media was abuzz with tributes to Bowie, a great way for fans to say thanks for decades of great songs, acting , painting etc . In this piece Bowie is the hero of our times…






…reading that made me think a lot about being a parent.


i’ve been so squeamish about being a parent all my life….not because i don’t love children but because the image of “parenthood” looks so unappealing most of the time. maybe it was growing up in the suburbs without good art-parent role models, or maybe it was just the general cultural diet of brady-bunch commercial breaks on channel 56 depicting boring, boring, boring families that seemed to do nothing but live in a nice house together and occasionally go on trips to waterparks and fast food restaurants (with FANTASTIC whites, doris gets all the stains out!!!)


someone asked me on twitter this morning:


“now that you’ve had a child, do u think u could of lived happily without having him?” (from @Tar_pits)


i answered:


“yeah. I do. I was pretty fulfilled. but now it’s different and I’m also fulfilled. x”


he’s only 5 months old…but i feel like i’m cutting through one cliché at a time.


clichés are clichés for a reason…they’re often true.


but with the kid clichés, i’ve been finding some are so, so, so true and some just…aren’t.


so, cliché number one:

once you have a child, you cannot imagine your life without him/her/them.


amanda’s experience:

does not ring true i can imagine my life without him. i lived it for a very long time, and i loved it.


there were two roads….and i took…..a left.

right is still there, it just didn’t happen to happen.


for your further edification on this topic,

robert frost’s oft-misinterpreted “the road not taken” quote:




love you guys.


things thinging.





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