10/06/03 – the long road….

This blog was originally posted to The Dresden Dolls Diary.

with only a few minutes to spare, i must be brief…but suffice it to say that the tour has been unbelievable. opening up for edward & entourage was a complete godsend, as we got to play for large crowds of pre-disposed doll-like-music enthusiasts. the responses from people have been fantastic, and we’ve sold a ton of records. we’re very happy, and a bit sore and tried.

the road itself is long and full of bad, bad, bad coffee and little healthy nourishment. i long for the day when america’s health craze finally makes it’s way into it’s extensive collection of seedy gas stations.

we have been blessed every single night with a story and a place to stay…
…in philadelphia we landed at a friend-of-a-friend’s place, a wonderful photographer who just happened to live next to a manse that got destroyed in a hurricane just days before. photo shoot opportunity galore, and our lovely michael pope (filmmaker in residence in the dresden dolls van) took some super 8 footage. we’ll see….

speaking of the van, ludwig has been fine, spewing some unknown smoky phlegm from the tailpipe every once in a while but otherwise just dandy.

we’ve got a few days off now, staying in st. louis with brian’s aunt judy and uncle stan and their large doberman. they have a victrola and a spinet piano, and titus on videotape. it’ll be a fine few days.

no other news of huge importance….one lovely little anecdote, though…
a few days ago we went (cringe, gulp) to the rock and roll hall of fame and museum in cleveland, where we had a show that night…our fine friends in world/inferno had mentioned that they waive the $18 admission fee if you’re in a touring band, which they indeed did. (however, they wouldnt let us videotape and pope couldn’t stomach it and went around the block for a drink.)
we ran around like idiots for an hour and worshipped at the altar of david bowie’s coats, the zz top car, jimi’s guitars, jeff buckley’s diary, etc….and then had to rush out to make soundcheck in time.
on our way out the door, the white-haired spinstery lady at the admission desk hollered and waved us down …they had found a press clipping and photo of the dresden dolls in the cleveland weekly paper and laid it out for us to autograph and leave with them.
apparently, we’ll be eligible in 2028.



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