L.A. ninja beach gig ENCORE!!!! this wednesday @ 4 pm.

so, i said it and i meant it…..we’re going to get together on the beach AGAIN. spread the word:

WEDNESDAY, JULY 1st at 4 pm

a few blocks down this time….end of 21st street, hermosa beach, California.
here is a faithful and trustyworthy google map for you to get directions…

this time i pretty much SWEAR my cousin robert (who’s now 82) is finally going to bust out his ukulele. he’s a MASTER. i even taught him a radiohead song and we might do a duet. i’m also working on a sinead o’conner cover. and am taking requests on twitter. i have one day to learn.

the deal: try to come by 4. i think i’ll play, read stories from the new book and hang until around 5 pm and then we’ll do another huge-ass group photoshoot with the super-talented lindsey byrnes (the same photographer from last week). the LA times is apparently coming to cover the event, because they are amazed by the power of AFP, twitter and music. so look good, fellow geeks.

-bring fruit, cake, shareable foods, water, blankets for the gathering
-dress in aristocratic/tacky prom/formal attire that you are not afraid to destroy in salt-water for the shoot.
-bring flowers, bring balloons. bring weird shit. whatever you bring we’ll use in the shoot. lindsey plans to shoot us IN THE WATER. prepare thyself.

i’ll also be signing stuff if you want things to get signed, just bring…and bring pens.

here’s a perfect group photo from last tuesday, via lindsey:

come come come come come!!

currently loving life,

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