michael pope/AFP seeking NYC pro-tools expert for film help

hear ye. new blog about to go up, too…

fer now: me & michael pope iz be looking for a PRO-TOOLS EXPERT in NYC to help us clean up the sound for the lexington high school footage.

from pope:
the Technical Outline – Pro Tools Session of a 2 hour and 20 minute play, 2 nights edited into a single performance, 11 tracks of audio (4 body mics, 1 stage Left mic, 1 stage Right mic, 3 Floor mics, 2 Audience mics).Looking for: sync to picture, levels mix, buzz removal, track compression, overall mastering/compression, mix down to 2 track for import to Final Cut Pro.

want to help? e-mail audio@mediavoxnyc.com with resume and as much detail as you can furnish to give pope an idea of your skill level.

please, please only answer if you have pro-tools experience. this is primarily a volunteer effort. michael pope will probably buy you coffee or beer.

NYC area is pretty essential, so you can work side by side. if you’re further afield but REALLY GOOD, he might hit you up.

what it is, y’all


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