SUMMER FILM LIST! all the shit i think is currently awesome out there.

if you’re in the states and the summer’s wearing you down, take a break and take in some film at a (hopefully) nice cool, dark theater.

i pimped “the dance of reality” a few weeks ago…if you missed my pimp, read it HERE, get out there and see it while you can, and get your dome-piece blown…seriously. i’ve never recommended a film more in my life.
except maybe the other movie i wrote about that week…i’d shared the trailer how i stumbled across its existence, but i was able to attend the NY premiere the other night.
and it’s amazing.
it’s just as good – if not more – than i expected it to be, so now i bring it to you.

it’s called “ALIVE INSIDE” and it’s a documentary by michael rossato bennett. in short, it’s about the power of music and how it can bring those suffering from dementia and alzheimer’s to a state of connectedness and joy that NO medication or other treatment/therapy can do. but it’s also a *profound* statement about the problem with culture and society these days, and how we view the elderly and medication.
it talks about a lot of things, but shines a bright light on how the system is just plain fucked.
BUT it’s not just doom and gloom. there’s a ton of hope, too…it’s a 3-cry film.


some of the characters and imagery will melt your brainheart, and will inspire great conversation. i got into a discussion afterwards with a few musicians and, given everything i’d been writing about in my book (including the Fraud Police), this film is HEAVY ANTIDOTE for any artists out there wondering if their work will ever make even a little practical difference in the world. the answer is a resounding FUCK YES.

so, verdict: this is going to be one of the most powerful films of the summer.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. especially for musicians.
but really, everybody. go. go. go…it’s in about 70 cinemas around the globe. all listed on their website.
this is a teeny indie film that needs all the help it can get to push it into the world so if you go, spread the word.
here’s their facebook, and their twitter’s @aliveinsidefilm.

here’s the trailer:

while i’m at it, here are TWO OTHER FILM THINGS…!!!!

tomorrow afternoon at the brattle theatre, SATURDAY the 26th, there’s a documentary about martin bisi’s recording space in brooklyn, BC studio (as well as a Q&A with martin once you see it).


the doc’s titled “SOUND AND CHAOS” and is a look back on the 30-year history of where we recorded the first dresden dolls’ record. when we went in there, it’d already seen luminaries like swans, sonic youth, and feotus to name a few, and a lot’s happened in the 10+ years since. i haven’t seen it yet but i’m told there’s some CLASSIC dolls’ footage in there.

the trailer (featuring mr. BRIAN VIGLIONE!!!)…

…and here’s the facebook event and where to get your tickets.


BONUS: later that night, martin’s performing at the lilypad with black fortress of opium. info at facebook.


another film i caught the premiere of recently is “THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY” which was produced by my friend juliet blake from TED and co-produced by steven spielberg and oprah. DYYAAMMMMM!!


it’s based on the novel of the same name, and follows a family from india who relocate to the rural south of france and open a restaurant…a restaurant right across the street from a michelin-star old-skool place where dame helen mirren plays the snotty-as-fuck head chef.
and, you guessed it: love, hilarity, and lots of really sexy shots of food ensue.
plus, the acting is suPREME.

the trailer

let me know if you go see ANY OF THESE and what you think. maybe we could have some discussion in the comments here…especially in regards to “alive inside” (as there’s SO much to talk about).

before i go, let’s take a hop skip and a jump from film over to the stage for a moment. TWO of my friends are doing some good old fashioned THEATER and both are using kickstarter.

firstly, there’s grand theft drummer & director MICHAEL MCQUILKEN, who’s bringing some radness to NYC with his company, OldSoundRoom. they’re working on a project based on short stories by…NEIL GAIMAN. they’re already at a little over $13k (of a $15k goal) and it’s a great way to support local theater and a motherfucker who puts his heart all in. go go go and behold some wonderful rewards…

then we have jason…
i don’t think a kickstarter pitch video has ever made me tear up, but this one does.
i’m also in it, and part of the story, but that’s not why at all.
this is one of my best friends, JASON WEBLEY (who many of you will know if only as my twin sister, evelyn), and he’s amazing. and the connector of all things. and THIS thing he’s worked on and embarking with is a really noble one.
please take a moment to go here and take in this beautiful project that will make a lot of music happen from a lot of people. (including grand theft bass wielder jherek bischoff!!!)


he just launched it the other day and has already tripled his initial goal of $11,111 but that just means more and more good will happen. GO HELP.

i guess that’s a lot of homework for y’all.




but it’s the good kind of homework.
the best kind.
the kind where you’ll hopefully connect with people and feel good and be inspired and DO ALL OF THE THINGS.

see you in the comments.

p.s. one final note while we’re talking about stage and screen. “twin peaks” lovers, your definitive blu-ray boxed set has finally come.
it’s remastered with tons of bonus shite including 90 minutes of deleted “fire walk with me” scenes that david lynch dug up and restored into a video-collage called “the missing pieces”.
i am so getting this.
watch the trailer and “unboxing” complete with an eerily upbeat voiceover:

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