techdirt’s beacon on net neutrality (and more from the We Are The Media desk)

from the We Are The Media desk: i posted about beacon reader here a while ago. i think it’s a revolutionary and important new internet tool – a rolling/sustaining support system (unlike the one-time one-project nature of kickstarter) for writers and journalists – much like Patreon is becoming for musicians and web comics and video-makers.

these guys, Techdirt, are fighting the good fight. i’ve been reading mike masnick’s thoughts about the internet, net neutrality, digital content, etc, for YEARS. hell, i’ve written a few guest posts over there (you can find ‘em here and here). we are really aligned in terms of WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPENING on the net to keep it a beautiful tool of connection and love and helpfulness to humanity instead of a black hole of doom.

they are NOT a big-media company, they are not the type to sell out and turn into part of the internet megaplex by joining a larger company. they are true, awesome independants.

they’re turning to Beacon to do a subscribership model and they’ve already raised 64% of their goal – they’re at almost 40k – and they currently have $420 (dude!) of recurring funding.

go help these guys exist. by funding their writing and journalism and research, you’re doing one of the best, concrete things you can do to keep the internet a good place. and we need that right now.

one last (awesome) thing worth noting: for their whole campaign, techdirt’ve getting MATCHING FUNDS from a few generous startups and entrepreneurs.
in short, every donation we make is automatically doubled.
very cool.

*this* is how we be the media.


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