from backstage in vienna. (PiE track list…and anybody need guest list?)

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hallo loves…backstage in vienna where i’m about to do a double-header. i’ve never done this before – played a 4 pm show and an 8 pm show.  was it stupid to do this instead of spending my day playing with a baby and catching up on email like a responsible mother? i’ll never know. the first show, the 8 pm one, sold out in a day, and i felt badly for all the viennese who couldn’t get tickets. so we added a matinee. then that one sold out, and we could have kept adding. whatever. i’m doing it. i’ll let you know how it goes.

THANK you to everyone in brighton and liverpool and edinburgh for being such wonderful goddamned audiences. i know a few of you jumped onto the patreon….WELCOME.

IF YOU ARE IN VIENNA AND COULDN’T GET TICKETS: i currently have 9 spaces on the guest available for the 1st show (4 pm) and 5 spaces for the 2nd show (8 pm). tell me if you need your name on the list (you can add a +1_….and i’ll check back here around 2:30 pm and let you know….BUT if you comment first, you’re guaranteed, just pay attention to who’s already commented and grabbed the spots, and i’ll come in and confirm. you’ll be at the door list. i’ll list you guys until the tickets are gone!!!

this is a public post but obviously only patrons can comment, which is a nice system…i’d never thought about using it to give away extra guest list spaces until i got on the road and was like, HEY, COOL, i can fucking give these away to my tribe instead of giving them away on twitter, which is too sloppy and open. yay for the patreon.



i finally read through ALL  the feedback about “piano is evil”. i am so glad you guys like it and I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE ABLE TO BE GOOD CRITICS. i’m sort of stunned that “lost” isn’t the hands-down winner…i was gleeful about the way it came out and that’s why i let it lead the new track order. but that could be that my ego was high from having just had ben folds visit me in the studio and THAT’S the song i chose to play for him in the control room. we are piano dorks. he knew all the tricks and weirdnesses that i was playing with on the keyboard. maybe the piano-dorkage just does not translate.

this leads me to a good point….if “lost” is the least favoured on the new collection, it’s possible i might change the track order when i release this to the public and/or press it to vinyl or do a real run of CDs in real packaging. that’s the whole fun of this. if you guys want to play around with the track order on your own, GO FOR IT….just use the same thread and i’ll check back when i get to the release. maybe opening with “bottomfeeder” would work, or even going back to “smile” as the opener, a la the original. playing with track order is a blast…it’s one of the most fun parts of putting together a record. it’s like a creative tetris /sudoku game – you can’t put all the ballads back to back…unless of course you choose to have a whole dreary second act of the record…etc.

anyway. hit me. i’m open.




there’s someTHING coming tomorrow. a halloween surprise THING i am very excited to show you. remember when i asked if you guys were okay with two videos for the same song? yeah.

AUSTRALIAN DATES (january, february, march) are selling beautifully. they’re HERE if you missed them:

new zealand….i am working on a plan.

also…..remember when jherek bischoff and i did “space oddity” at TED with FUCKING AL GORE? well, that may soon see the light of day. stay tuned. and there may be vinyl. bowie vinyl. vinnnnnyyyyyylllllllll.




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