cathedral is evil.

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hello loves.

well…it’s a nice coincidence when your new CD matches the first venue of tour.

“PIANO IS EVIL” is officially a physical THING and we sold and signed them all night last night after the gig. gig in a church. giginachurch.

all you patrons are going to get your download of the record within the next day or so. prepare thine ears.

so… last nights show at all saints cathedral in Brighton, UK (hove, technically) was a little on the surreal side, i gotta say. i know a lot of you patrons were there – we talked – thank you. especially to pete, who quelled my insecurities beautifully. thanks pete.

600 foot ceilings, freezing cold, gorgeous piano, spontaneous setlist (i confess, i didn’t spend nearly as much time as i meant to sharpening my quiver arrows, but the set was still a bizarro combo of good things), dramatic cathedral lighting, and a CAT who snuck into the venue and walked on stage in front of the piano during the final instrumental of the bed song. i hope to fucking god someone got a picture of that.

cathedral cat gave no shits.

we also discovered that “creep” us sung by jesus actually works very well. i hope that one doesn’t get me in trouble. i think jesus would have liked it. and lots of new people signing up for the patreon, which makes me so so happy. if you’re new, welcome.

tour has begun. i want to stop for a moment and say thank you and give huge love to the people RIGHT NOW who are helping me with tour: superkate, who is tour managing remotely from the office in new york, whitney, who is stage-managing and helping baby-wrangle, justine, who is helping with EVERYTHING, and ALEXXX, who is doing merch on the whole tour escort vienna (go say hi to him if you’re coming! he’s the adorable one with the pink hair behind the merchland table).

i appreciate their help so much.

now….set list, off the top of my head and i’m sure this is only 80% right:

freebird (jason webley version)

in my mind

god is in the house (nick cave cover, learned at soundcheck)


the killing type

jump (a very dirty hymn)

laura (bat for lashes cover, duet with brendan maclean)

the bed song

strength through music

guitar hero

sex changes (by request)

half jack

coin-operated boy

trout heart replica



girl anachronism


creep (as sung by jesus)


(let me know if i’m missing anything. i think i am.)






p.s I FORGOT TO TELL YOU and this is exciting … we have been working on a page on http://amandapalmer.net that features ALL THE THINGS because…there have been quite a few Things. we are still tweaking it before going public – any feedback? tell me in comments. http://amandapalmer.net/patreon-things/

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