AFP + NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON, together at last, kinda

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hey guys….

so the fine folks over at patreon have booted up a podcast, and they’ve been pairing together different weirdos for different episodes. so this isn’t me talking with the amazing neil degrasse tyson himself (astrophysicist, cosmologist, general all-round bad-ass) but we are back to back in the same episode, AND i’d really encourage all y’all patrons to listen to this one (i start in at about the 18 minute mark)….it’s about this platform, and you….AND i spill some more damage about the upcoming Things.

i almost canceled doing this yesterday , since i was still pretty much flat on my back, but as you can tell, once you get me on the nerdy topics of life, internet, and people, i kind of don’t want to shut up. it healed me. i swear. thanks patreon.

i’m especially proud of my “don’t throw the sunset under the bus” ad lib. not bad.

as far as neil degrasse tyson goes, he’s another PATREON POWERHOUSE, with his StarTalk radio podcast. it’s currently got 254 patrons and is bringin’ in about $2k per month. if you’re loving the whole patreon thing…i suggest you check him out. he’s making big important things that put this bitch to shame:


here’s the podcast!:







p.s. i’m feeling heaps better. taking all the antiobiotics. drinking all the kefir. thank you all so much for your advices and good words. today i even vacuumed and went to home depot…..


p.p.s. i’ve decided i’m in love with bernie sanders…..


p.p.p.s. i’m hoping to have this Surprise Animation Thing out by the end of the month….cross your fingers. i just recording some fun music for it tonight…after taking a long pregnant-lady bath. life is back.


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