neil in jordan, amanda in new york.

i woke today ready to face a day of book work with my editor – the deadline has become cut-throat. my phone buzzed…my sisters best friend from childhood, our next door neighbor becky, had died, and another friend has a partner facing cancer. and neil, breaking down. he’s been in jordan with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for a few days now.

they’ve created a web page at donate.unhcr.org/neilgaiman so that people can follow on and see what’s happening. some of it’s positive.

like this

or this

or this

some of it is…not.
this morning, he did a quick interview with the BBC world news…

he’s having a hard time over there. and i am having a hard time over here, given that i was supposed to be with him, and instead am safe and sound in new york, working on a book that now feels fucking stupid and meaningless given what he is seeing and experiencing. why did i not go?

please listen to this.

also, check out neil’s twitter for a lot of links to help and get more info (as well as see things UNHCR hasn’t cross-posted). he hasn’t posted much since arriving, but will likely add to his blog

and please send love to that part of the world.

and now?

there is no choice but to simply go back to work.

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