neil and i just finished up the two new york town hall shows, and they were amazing….friday was a bit more chaotic and special-guest-ridden and saturday was a bit more dr. who themed, it being the 50th anniversary. we roped in a bevvy of special guests including arthur darville (who played “rory” on dr. who), meow meow and lance horne, kat robichaud fresh from being ejected from The Voice (that one deserves its own blog), and claudia gonson from the magnetic fields. there were stories, wine, questions, answers, arguments, falling microphones, and loads of joy. thank you to everyone who came:

SET LISTS annotated by tom steiger:
An Evening w/ Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer 11/22/13 – Town Hall, New York City
An Evening w/ Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer 11/23/13 – Town Hall, New York City

thevoice_poster(photo credit: by Hannah Means-Shannon)

Meow-Meow-TownHallNY(photo credit: by Tom Steiger)

and for those who couldn’t play the “ask neil and amanda game” in person, we fielded questions on twitter.
we also did a reddit the other day HERE, and it was fun and nice, but we decided to do an in-house Q&A as well….and here are the answers to questions that people sent in via the twitsphere. info on ordering the record below…LAST CALL to get your LP’s and CD’s by christmas.

1) Question from @LuaNucci: How was the process to select the readings on An Evening With ?

NG: I just listened to everything, and tried to assemble a 70 minute sequence with a good mixture of stories, poems and such on it.

AFP: neil had his own secret process (neil?) for his material, but here was mine:
i’ve had a handful of songs that haven’t really “fit” on any other records, but that i’ve been playing live for a long time, songs like “dear old house” and “gaga palmer madonna”.
so i figured it would be a nice idea to just record them live, because they were more, well, “storytelling” type songs that didn’t need any fancy studio production or extra overdubs or effect. as far as the poems went, we sort of improvised our way into it.

it was my idea to do the two love poems back to back, and i think it happened on one of the drives from one city to the next.
a lot of the moment on the album actually came about while we were On The Road…the most obvious being the song that’s dedicated to the girl who died at Occupy.
the idea of neil playing the “virtual bongos” happened off the cuff as well. i think he makes an excellent beatnik.


2) Question from @wallrike: How has the show changed since you started? What surprised you the most? 

AFP: i was surprised how FAST the shows felt. i feel like they could have gone on for hours and nobody would have gotten bored.

i was also really pleasantly surprised to see strange themes emerging. as i sat on my side of the stage, with my own songs and material rattling through my head, i would listen to neil’s readings and start to connect bizarre little dots between his poems and stories and my lyrics. maybe i can’t help but do that no matter what, but there were nights when stories and song would just seem perfectly curated and matched…judy blume and ray bradbury and memory loss and dusty old attics and the past and future all started to thread into a fabric that tied our material into a quilt, and we’d done it all unintentionally.


3) Question from @adventuretom: @neilhimself AP is intense & connects with an audience like no one else. Is it intimidating to share a stage with her? 

NG: Not at all. She’s really a very reassuring person to share a stage with. She takes enormous pains to make sure that anyone on a stage with her is comfortable.


4) Question from @AltoidLover: With all of the traveling you do, how do you keep a feeling of consistency/normality in your life?

NG: I try and bring my own pillow with me on the road.

AFP: as do i.


5) Question from @djkeng: Were you surprised at all at the response to your Kickstarter campaign for An Evening With?

NG: I was, yes. Also delighted and humbled. The task went from how to record the money to how to use the money we’d made to give back to the supporters, who found themselves with a triple CD and not a Double CD, lots of digital material, and a Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground covers CD they were definitely not expecting (and neither were we).


6) Question from @JackieMReuter: What unexpected joys or difficulties did you come across while touring with each other?

NG: I got most upset with Amanda during the second San Francisco show, where she wouldn’t leave the stage, took requests, and seemed upset with me for going over time, when I knew I wasn’t. She was convinced I’d hogged the stage time until we actually got the recordings. She’d got bad news before the show, which had thrown her.

AFP: i’ll own that one. i was a dick that night. and still sorry about it. i learn.


7) Question from renarossner: How is song writing different than novel writing/ poetry writing? How do your genres mesh? Where do they clash? 

NG: Novels are much longer than songs, and poems almost never have tunes. The biggest clash is I would happily take half an hour for each short story, and I can’t do that.

AFP: songs are like poems: it’s all about economy. i am AMAZED at neil’s ability to write a novel. i’d never have that much patience, but there’s also something magical about taking an entire complex feeling or set of circumstances and squeezing it into five minutes. to each their own. we need all forms.


8) Question from @avishai_kaplan: How do you resolve an artistic disagreement? Do you even have any artistic differences?

NG: The person who cares most wins.

AFP: yeah. what he said. i encountered this when i was making “evelyn evelyn” with jason webley, and the same rules applied. we’d get into an argument about a lyric or a line or a melody or something and jason would say “i think i’m right” and i’d say “well, i think i’m right”. and we’d stand there staring at each other until one of us said “i care the most”. and that person was the winner. and we would, importantly, agree that the winner wasn’t necessarily RIGHT, just MORE ATTACHED. big difference. and really crucial for collaboration (or marriages) of any kind.


9) Question from @crimsong19: What were your favorite tracks to record (audience reaction, etc.)

AFP: ooh…i think “jump” is the absolute highlight. i looked forward to that song more than any other moment of the night….every time.


10) Question from @soupdragon70: @neilhimself you’re stuck on a desert island, what three cheeses would you want with you?

NG: I would like the enormous Boat Cheese of the Varshiti people, who make a hardened cheese into a boat. I would like some of the Woven Yak Cheese which a Himalayan tribe weave through their long winters, to fashion into a sail. And I would like a good Wensleydale to nibble on the way home across the ocean. Preferably with a good tart apple.


11) Question from @AJF185: @amandapalmer How do you trust people so implicitly when you sometimes perform and/or walk through the crowd nude?

AFP: jeez. i don’t know. how do you cross the street without being afraid that the car waiting at the stoplight isn’t going to just accelerate into you?

i honestly…..don’t really know. i just do. i’m more interested in trusting people than i am in being afraid of them. it’s more fun.


12) Question from @TheSagest: Simple but deep question to each of you: What is your favorite work of the other?

NG: The Bed Song.

AFP: i’m a huge fan of the new novel (Ocean). and before that, it was both short story collections, especially “smoke and mirrors”. i still have yet to read all of his stuff. i used to feel more guilty, but fuck the guy has written a lot. and i kind of want to take my time with it and not swallow all his works at once like a giant handful of candy.


13) Question from @thecoffeepunk: If you had dinner guests at a future evening, who would you invite?

AFP: caitlin moran. tim minchin. laurie anderson. margaret cho. russell brand. judy blume. the dalai lama. michel pope. the actual pope. and why not. miley.


14) Question from @LunikAudion: What is your favourite sense?

NG: Touch.

AFP: Ears.


15) Question from @PoetCourtney: What is your favorite song to perform together? 

NG: For me, it’s “Psycho,” every time. I love that little song, because I never know what it will do to an audience.

AFP: lately, we’ve got a new one…we’ve been doing a cover of “the luckiest guy on the lower east side” by the magnetic fields.
that’s my new favorite. mostly because of how happy neil looks when he sings it.

FAQ c/o @southships

Q: Hi- So what is this?
A: Back in 2011, Amanda and Neil decided to do a brief run of shows up the west coast- Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. they booked nights at mid-sized theaters and performed a heartfelt mix of original songs, duets, covers, spoken word pieces, poetry, and some goofy/awesome/poignant audience-sourced q and a. We took to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to record each of the performances- then edited down all the files to compile a best of the best 3 disc set, which was then released exclusively to the Kickstarter backers. Today marks the release of this album, An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer, to the world/general public.

Q: So, it’s just a CD?
A: it’s THREE CDs! though the LP is a selection of tracks from the CDs. and the Digital Download contains a full bonus disc of tracks that were not a part of the physical CD set as well. you can see the full track listing for the CDs, LP, and digital bundle here:

Q: Got it. So how does this release differ from the Kickstarter release?
A: good question. the major difference is…now it is available to you if you did not back the Kickstarter project!!! also we have changed and updated the artwork. nor were any of these tracks ever available on vinyl before. and if you are down for a treasure hunt….Disc 2 of this release is missing one track from the original kickstarter release. Bonus points to you if you can figure out which one!

Q: Okay- but what happened to all the other cool items you were selling during the pre-sale? i dont see them in the webstore….?
A: it’s true. the presale had bundled packages that contained mugs, tea towels, posters, t-shirts, teapots, and a journal. because we had to make the initial production orders while the pre-sale was in its early days- we did our best to estimate how many of each product to order. once we finish sending out all the pre-sale orders- we will upload any remaining items to the webstore. it’s safe to say the t-shirts will make it back up there. as well as a handful of posters, mugs, and teapots.

Q: Alright. You got me. So, how can i get my hands on this incredible collection of arts
A: so many ways!!! if you are inclined to order the CD, the LP, or the digital download from the artists directly- head to:
downloads are delivered to your email address. and our webstore is capable of shipping the album to anywhere in the world.

Customers in the US should be able to find the collection in local record stores, as well as Barnes & Noble and you’ll also find the digital download is available in itunes- though it will be cheaper on

Customers in Canada should also check their local record stores.

Customers in the UK, and most of europe should also check their local record stores. as well as amazon and itunes. Same goes for Australia and New Zealand.
Africa, Asia, Latin America, Antarctica? probably best if you head to sorry!

if by chance your local independent record store is NOT carrying the album. DEMAND THEY DO SO! then get 10 other people to contact the record store as well. with enough demand, chances are strong your record store will reach out to the distributors to start carrying the album.

Q: Who should i contact if i have any trouble with my digital download or order from
A: it’s always best to go to the source. we are happy to assist however we can, and feel free to hit up eric at if you have any questions. BUT if you ordered the download or physical album from check your email confirmation receipt. in the middle of the receipt is a link to contact TopspinMedia’s customer service center. Topspin is standing by and provides excellent customer service in a VERY timely fashion. they can help you if you have any trouble with your order.
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