a video by neil, music by me. content…maybe not what you expected.

on a serious note, your attention please.
warning: contains neil, new music, some disturbing footage, and a lot of sadness. but also hope.

i am asking you watch this video, and help if you can. neil made it a few months ago when he was in jordan, visiting refugee camps run by the UNHCR – the United Nations High Council on Refugees. the situation over there is nuts and getting worse by the second.
there are currently over THREE MILLION syrian refugees in jordan.
the population of jordan is about six million. think about this.


i was supposed to join neil for this trip, and the book being in final editing drafts meant that – after a lot of agonizing – i stayed behind.

it was a hard decision to make. i felt like i was supposed to be there soaking in these horrors and helping spread the message. in the end, i feel like this was what i could do, to do my part: i wrote a piece of lyric-less piano music for this video and recorded it last month.

you can watch here, or embedded below…

i still find it hard to watch without crying.

and if you can, please: donate.
and even better yet, share this video.
just get the message out.
things are bad.
since neil was there, the situation has only worsened.

here’s the action link:
please give generously.


p.s. and since i know you guys are going to ask: i am working on making the piano track available for download, with the profits going straight to the UNHCR. hold the phone and it’ll hopefully be up in a day or two (or less).

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