a long & beautiful podcast/interview with design matters’ debbie millman

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hola comrades.


first off: THANK YOU ALL FOR BUYING TICKETS TO GO SEE THE DRESDEN DOLLS! the pre-sale tickets flew off the shelves and the public onsale is this friday. we are so excited. thank you. we will see you and hug you soon.


i’m recovering and i’m not even certain what i’m recovering from. birth? i’m recovering from birth. that was 40 years ago almost. wait – not that birth. i’m recovering from basically ALL birth. mine, ash’s, all of humanities. heap it on.


i just spent a few days in upstate new york doing a photoshoot with my DAD and the awesome kyle cassidy, who also shot the cover images for “who killed amanda palmer” and “amanda palmer goes down under“… and it was FAB. and yes….the DAD record cometh. there’s going to be news about that super soon. hints: there is going to be a london show, and a short summer tour in the northeast, and VINYL! and, because some of you weirdos requested it: CDs. we are going to do a pre-order and see what the demand is…then print. we’re going to make a special patron-first edition of the vinyl. stay tooned. i still can’t believe you guys want CDs. i will not judge. i will just make ‘em.




THIS PODCAST that came out today is pretty amazing:



it was recorded in NYC about two weeks ago, right before the bowie concert at radio city, with a little studio audience that accidentally included MY PARENTS which of course made it even more profound.


i know debbie millman through maria popova (the one-woman force behind brainpickings.org), who’s been her girlfriend for years. maria has been poking me to do debbie’s podcast (which is one of the biggest and longest running podcasts in the art universe) for EVER, and we finally finally made the time to do it.


so glad i did. debbie was a fanTASTIC interviewer. i love podcasts and discussions like this where it all feels very real and conversational.


by the time we ended, there was not a dry eye in that little padded room.


yes: it’s LONG!!! over an hour. but trust me, worth a listen…and free on soundcloud.


i know. i know. i need to start my own podcast. on that note: all of these podcasts i’ve been doing lately (including tim ferris’, which is still getting constant traffic) is INSPIRING. the day will come. my brain is churning. i’m ready to do this thing, i think. i need my own padded room. and a hammer. and a jar of pickled onions


more soon, beloveds





p.s. there’s a little news piece/interview in pitchfork about the dresden dolls reunion….


go us


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