ladies and gents, THE DRESDEN DOLLS are back…and a message from brian.

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hola comrades!
i can barely contain my own excitement here…THE DRESDEN DOLLS are back and playing two shows this summer: one at the boston blue hills pavilion (5,000 capacity) and one at a BRAND NEW VENUE on the coney island boardwalk in New York City (also a 5,000 cap venue).

AUG 26 – boston, blue hills bank pavilion

AUG 27 – NYC, coney island amphitheater
no more shows will be added. this is IT.
with, ahem, the ORIGINAL LINE-UP!!!

that’d be me on piano, brian viglione on drums.

no additives, no preservatives, mofos.
if you only know more recent work and you came to me through my book, or the TED talk, or my solo stuff, this is where it all started. this is my original band. nothing is like the dresden dolls. nothing is like watching brian commune with the drums, and nothing is like watching us play music together, and nothing is liking being in a place with a bunch of crazy dresden dolls fans. rock love, rock church, the whole nine.
we put out our last record (yes virginia) in 2006, and we’ve played select shows since then, very rarely. we’ve missed each other, it’s high time, and we are THRILLED to be back in action for these shows. if you don’t believe me, ask somebody…i’d love to see some evangelical testimonials down in the comments from some patrons here who are ol-timers and who have witnessed the glory of the dresden dolls at a live show. it’s a thing. we don’t fuck around.
we’ll be playing some old stuff and we’ll also be surprising you, because we’re really goddam good at that. openers and special guests will be announced SOON.
here’s the best part, o yee patrons…

TICKETS WILL BE ONSALE TOMORROW (friday) at 10 am in the MORNING (eastern time!) ***for PATRONS ONLY!***
there will be a limited number of VIP tickets (about 75 per show) to hang with the band after we get off stage and i run to collide my body with a hungry baby. (if you’re a $100+ patron, do not fear….we’re sending you  special message: you’ll get into that for free.)
we’ll be sending all patrons a password at 9:55 am (EST).

you’ll have a week to buy up what you can….then the general onsale for the whole world will happen: next friday (april 15th) at 10am.
i was very happy to make this happen; i want you guys to have first crack at the tickets, given all you’ve done for me (and brian, who was thrilled that you guys chose to Thing that last-minute dresden dolls appearance in brooklyn for record store day…i was quite pregnant, but i daresay we pulled it off.)
and here, dear friends, is a message from brian viglione himself:
As the great Carl Sagan once said, “ If you wish to make an apple pie

from scratch, you must first invent the stripey tights. And the

How lucky we are to find ourselves thrown together once

again in some cosmic Grand Unification, summoned from the depths of the

proverbial Dresden Doll Cave, to hit the streets and party with you all

once again!  I’m always excited to team up with Amanda and have our

favorite hardcore road crew back with us on sound, lights, and all

things logistic. The most fun of getting to do all of this is the people

you get to share it with.  Help us spread the word far and wide to

friends young and old, who may never have seen the band live, and show

them what it’s about. Prepare to kick this shit old school and make sure

your freak flag is washed, pressed, and ready to fly.  It means the

world that you guys are still out there listening and you’ve never

ceased to surprise us.  It’s an honor to play for you. Gonna soak up and

enjoy every fucking moment of this! Go forth and rock….    -Brian



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