ninja webcast from belfast LBGT center starting in about 20 minutes!!! tune in

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lots more to say, including feeling totally fucking emotionally overwhelmed at the dublin gig – GAHHH – but more on that when i have time, for NOW —- it’s the LAST DAY OF TOUR and TODAY’S NINJA GIG at The Rainbow Project​, an LBGT center in belfast (starting in about 20/25 min at around 4:10/4:15 pm irish time! -we’re on the way !) is going to be WEBCAST… pronto! spread the word and then tune in. me and whitney are going to take questions about love and sex because why the fuck not. see you all online soon. i’ll be keeping an eye on the twitter feed.

then off to the LIMELIGHT for a show at 8 pm….see some of you there.


it’s a fucking thing. so it goes!

also – look, we’re at 4900 patrons. holy fuck .

almost 5,000.

i’mma do something SPECIAL when we hit 5,000. maybe a belly drawing.


from the three fingered-salute at the signing lines…..i’ve now accepted that the three-fingered sloth salute is how we on patreon recognize each other.

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