Amanda Palmer review – a big-hearted, soul-baring one-off

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dear comrades….

thank you so much to everyone in london who came to the signing yesterday – post pictures up here! i’m collecting for a blog!!!….

here’s a GREAT review of the union chapel (monday) show from the guardian…

AND *NOTE* we’re moving the webcast over to a new host for bandwidth purposes. the feed should be back online this evening for your viewing pleasure! pardon the interruption. so if you’re wonderfing why it’s dark – THATS WHY

when we get it all cleaned up and edited i’ll EnThingEn it – it seems to have been thoroughly enjoyed (i’ve just been reading over the blog comments that happened while it was streaming, i love you guys….) – so speak now or forever hold your peace on this one if you have any ideas/feedback before i Thing It.

the webcast and all the time in london chatting about the patreon has definitely brough in a few hundred new people (HELLO!) and it’s been fantastic talking with people at signings and in person about this group – i’m so so so glad it’s working.

someone in the london signing line last night suggested that i try to do a patreon-only TEA EVENT next time i’m in town…i love the idea of doing some live events only for the patrons – i’ve yet to even do many chatty webcasts because i’ve been TOURING so much since we launched…but i’ll try to set one up to talk about the surprise project i’ve got happening SOON – stay tooned.





off to ireland soon for the last gasp of tour…


i love you guys so much.


xxxx afp

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