on british QUEUEing, and BELFAST NINJA GIG!

update on June 11: i’ve added a FREE book signing at dalkey book festival on june 13th at around 4:45 at The Seafront Marquee – come visit and get things signed!!! The Seafront Marquee, Dillons Park, Coliemore Road, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Co. Dublin, Ireland!


first, a fecking word about british “queueing”, and then BELFAST NINJA GIG info… we’re going to do a “Ask the Pregnant Lady and Whitney about Life and Sex!!!” Q&A at the The Rainbow Project LGBT center NEXT SUNDAY!

okay, queueing. so i’m in the bookstore yesterday in manchester, and it’s like 12:45pm. the 200-300 nice british people in the store have formed A QUEUE. they are QUEUEING. i am 15 minutes late for the signing to begin with, and i have learned from experience (at the edinburgh signing in particular) that there were some people in the QUEUE who had to leave because the signing went on so long and they

1) had babies

2) had jobs to get back to and were on lunch break

3) whatever….they couldn’t stand in line for three hours.

…and i figured i’d be all clever and fix this problem.

so i jumped up on a chair and loudly announced to THE QUEUE of people that if there was anybody with a baby/job/reason to JUMP THE QUEUE that this was just fine. people would not hate you and i’d be happy to let you JUMP THE QUEUE.

the reaction from the QUEUE was frighteningly awkward. it was like i’d just told the QUEUE that they should feel free to like, gnaw on each other’s earlobes, or masturbate each other to kill time in the QUEUE. it was that awkward.

it was like i’d told them that, just for these few hours, they should pretend that gravity didn’t exist, just FOR KICKS.


they believe in them so hard.

however: happy ending: some people with jobs and babies jumped the queue. i feel like i’ve done my part for humanity


und NOW!!! BELFAST NINJA GIG INFO!!!! hot off the presses for next weekend:

Whitney Moses Bodywork (my wonderful friend, doula, massage therapist, back-up singer, and kale-finder) and i put the call out to twitter to see if anyone was up FOR A NINJA GIG seeing it’s the last day of my last tour before heading off into perggo land, and THE RAINBOW PROJECT, an LGBT center in central Belfast, put their hands up!!!

we will be there ON GIG DAY….

SUNDAY, JUNE 14th @ 4 pm!

9-13 Waring St, Belfast

it’s FREE FREE FREE for ALL, bring friends and foods….

we will try to do the whole ninja gig in the car park, if it’s shitty, we’ll move indoors!

i’ll bring my ukulele, and whit and i will take questions about sex, life, abortion, pregnancy, queerness, love, and anything else that’s on your mind. it should be tons of fun. bring all your queer-ass questions.

note, see article below:

on the heels of the historic marriage equality bill that just passed with a POPULAR VOTE in ireland, northern ireland is trying to make a great noise for progress (there’s also a MARCH FOR CIVIL MARRIAGE EQUALITY on saturday the 13th, the day before we get to town: 2:30 at writers square – feel free to use this blog and my FB post to find people who are going).


i’ll remind y’all next week. but so you can plan. rah rah.

….more on the rainbow project……

“The Rainbow Project was established in 1994 by a group of volunteers who were concerned about the spread of HIV within the gay male population of Northern Ireland.

TRP is a health organisation that works to improve the physical, mental & emotional health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender people in Northern Ireland.

We are the largest LGB&T organisation in Northern Ireland and have two centres: one in Belfast city centre and the other in Foyle, L’Derry.”




if you’re in belfast PLEASE SHARE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…..and then we’ll see you later that night at the Limelight Belfast: show still has some tickets left, LAST NIGHT OF TOUR, come whoop it up with us.

all tickets at: http://amandapalmer.net/shows/


general UK update…….

dublin (13th @ academy) still has a handful of tickets.

LEEDS tonight is sold out!

and both LONDON shows are sold out….

but as you know we are WEBCASTING the 1st london show on june 8th, so join the Patreon to tune in live for the show…which will probably run a good 2.5 hours….and has special guest Caitlin Moran, Perhaps Contraption, and more more more surprises.

webcast link will be sent to all patrons the day before the show and again right before we broadcast!

sign up HERE for as little as $1: https://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer






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