LAST LEG OF TOUR: DC!! PHILLY!! BOSTONNN!! (& a FREE ninja gig in DC on wed!)

THIS IS IT!!! the last leg, the final frontier, the light at the end of the tunnel, etc.

this tour started in boston & it’s gonna end in boston, mofos. we’re taking pains to make the boston show super-special, so don’t miss it.
it’s at the new fancy-pants house of blues downtown, and the whole night should be AMAZING (it’ll be the largest venue Evelyn Evelyn will have EVER played!)
get tickets HERE.

the show at the Theater of Living Arts in Philly will also no doubt be a party and a half, that place has become like a second home for christs sake. (tickets HERE)

and the 9:30 club in DC is one of the coolest venues IN THE COUNTRY. if you’ve never caught me there before, you gotta come. COME!!!! (tickets HERE)

the 9:30 is, of course, our REAL SHOW. which includes things like, oh, tickets. and pianos. and speakers & drinks & loud loud rock and roll. & SWEATINESS.

but, my comrades, we’re rolling into DC one day early and we’re going to provide you with an unparalleled NINJA GIG EXPERIENCE.

what is a ninja gig?

well, traditionally, my ninja gigs have been held on beaches, in parks, and in the occasional living room. but they can be anywhere where people can be & music can be played.

like the moon. i would like to play a ninja gig on the moon.

but while i was waiting for NASA to call, a few days ago i got an email from a girl who works at a very tasty location in bethesda, maryland, which HAPPENS to be right down the street from my dad’s house, where we’re staying.

and sooooooooo……
we’re rolling into DC one day early (the 16th) and we’re going to provide you with an unparalleled NINJA GIG EXPERIENCE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

me, jason webley, sxip shirey, eric (our kick-ass tour manager) and our talented & wonderful merch girl miss casey long are going to be pulling up on wednesday night to the

…….where the folks who run it (specifically kirsten, our new best friend over there) have been kind enough to come and let us HANG OUT FOR TWO HOURS & DO WHATEVER WE WANT.
probably we will play some music. but if we don’t feel like it, maybe we will fingerpaint. you never know. such is the nature of the ninja.

we’ll be opening the doors around 6pm and letting in ANYBODY WHO COMES until the joint can’t hold any more folks.
look at this place, it’s UNREAL:

1. ninja-action will take place from 6 pm – 8 pm (SHARP!)
we will sign stuff. bring stuff for us to sign, or buy new stuff…we will be dragging in some evelyn evelyn MERCH from the van, so bring money for shirts & posters & VINYL…..

2. the gig is FREE.

3. the address is:
7719 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814-3521 (google-map direction that shit, HERE)

4. expect MADNESS, tell EVERYBODY, bring LOVE (& fun things & snacks. but don’t leave crumbs. these theater folks are pulling us a SOLID favor by letting us squat here!!!)



p.s. help us spread the word about this gig on twitter & FB too….here are some links. spread word spread word spread word, we have 2 days til this shit goes down!!!!!!RSVP, HERE on facebook: and/or click HERE to tweet/tell people on twitter

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