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zoe’s visit / guitar hero video up

in all the mayhem of album release week, i neglected to mention that the GUITAR HERO VIDEO is UP.

it’s amazing. i think it’s my favorite. i dunno, i keep changing my mind.

the story: we knew we were going to be at the high school anyway (filming strength through music) and we were struggling to find a good concept for the video. about a week before we were scheduled to shoot, i came up with this. pope and the team went mad tracking down those guitars (and we found them at a store in boston called first act. and i KEPT them. and will use them for SOMETHING later).

all of the kids in the video are from the drama dept. at lexington high school, except for steven of course, and ian (in the tricornered hat) who is a recent LHS alum and came by for the fun.

we threw that shit together so fast it wasn’t funny. and filming it was FUNNNNN. enjoy:


cellist extraordinaire zoe keating was here for a one-day visit yesterday…..

we sat down with our respective instruments last night and started working out the nit-picky details for the arrangements. she & lyndon will be playing cello and violin (respectively) on about half of the songs. zoe is amazing and can write and read music (those are the charts from the paul buckmaster sessions) and so i am in Awe of Her. i am getting more & more excited to go on tour. these shows are going to be sick. i don’t know how we’re going to fit 7 people on stage in most of these places.



yes. this is my fuckshow of a bedroom and thats my eyebrowless forehead in the foreground.


cellllooooooo is prittttttttttttttty.

zoe has shows coming up in boston and san fran before she gets on the plane to meet us in dublin:, go seeeeeeee.

leaving for airport in an hour.
dublin, i come to youuuuuuuuuuu.


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