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home. the leeds video. more belly solidarity.

home until friday….yet feeling that weird i’m-home-yet-not-home feeling that i can never quite digest.
still….i can’t wait to play boston tomorrow, and again on tuesday…i’m planning on pulling out some strange old songs because….i feel like it.
the danger ensemble (all sleeping in various nooks and crannies and floors in the house for the week) also plan on pulling some high weirdness.
it’s boston, we must. there are many surprises planned.


the leeds video is up.
i am glad people love it. watch it if you haven’t:


shooting it (in london, at elephant and castle) was a complete blast (and very cake-y), as you can probably tell.
all of the people you see in the balcony audience showed up the morning of the shoot, in whatever costumes they wanted.
the beautiful floor people came from all over the place….old friends, new friends, freaky cabaret friends, fringe friends.
it was a magnificent day. alex de campi & her team did a fine fucking job.  thank you all so much – those of you who helped.
we shot. we scored.

i sent a mailer about the video mentioning that the label i’m on (roadrunner records) had wanted to pull shots from the video so that my bare belly wasn’t exposed. they thought i looked fat. i thought they were on crack.

dude. i’m a vain motherfucker. i know when i look fat. i had beth hanging out on the set of the pope videos, keeping an eye on my figure as i pranced around in my slip in case pope was getting a particularly pregnant-looking angle. i hate shots of myself where i look heavy with child.

but THIS?? this was just nonsense. i thought i looked HOT. i really, really didn’t see where they were coming from. at all.

so i didn’t budge.

they weren’t happy, but then again they’re not very happy with anything i’m doing lately (including putting out a record that has “no commercial potential” and is impossible to promote, since nobody will like it).

the video was left as is.

my day was MADE today, however, by a thread i saw on the shadowbox devoted to Belly Solidarity.
fans have been pulling out and photographing their gorgeous, femmy, hariy, and otherwise human bellies with messages to the world:

i love belly love.

the tour and the shows have been MAGNIFICENT.

my dad came and sang with me in DC, i’ll post clips.
i am still high from webster hall in new york. my whole team was there…pope came….brian came, it was a Very Happy Night, even though the venue never turned the heat on and i whacked my head with my guitar. and i don’t even play guitar. it was Very Rock and Roll.

the bleach pen, in action:

an amazing laura palmer tattoo on someone’s thigh in atlanta:

a noble pony, perched on my keyboard:

will write more soon.
the entire danger ensemble, lyndon, chip the videographer, vermillion lies AND george the bus driver are all coming over to my parent’s for thanksgiving.
we’ll make a movie.



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