margaret cho is my hero, brooklyn TONIGHT, news from the front…

margaret cho is my hero…..

I’m a Christian, you Fuckers
All kinds of Christians are getting mad about my Sarah Palin comments, and it is pissing me off.

First of all – you fucking fake Christians – don’t fucking question my Christianity. I grew up in the church. My grandfather was a minister, who is with God now and talks to me in my dreams from God’s corner office. I am a former Sunday school teacher. I taught the Bible to children and showed them how to love God and invite him into their hearts. I believe in God – but I don’t fear him. God is my best friend. God is my ally. God is my boyfriend. God is my best fag. I am God’s fag hag cuz didn’t you know, God is a big fag. Serious bottom too. Butch in the streets, femme in the sheets. That is my God. God is my biggest fan. God gets me, dude.

God wants us all to just get along. He doesn’t give a shit about the profanity. The bitch fucking invented profanity. He thinks it is hilarious. He just wants you to talk to him, and he doesn’t care what you have to say. He just wants to keep the conversation going. Like Jay-Z,he just wants to love you. He just wants you to be able to make your own decisions. God is all about you and what you need. God is happy that you are gay. God made you fucking gay cuz he thinks it is awesome. God understands if you need to have an abortion. That is why he created abortion, on the 8th day. God accepts. God forgives. God loves all of us, even though some of us might have a problem with each other.

Don’t fucking question my Christianity you fucking idiot assholes. If you continue to have a problem, then talk to God about it, not me, you fucking racist homophobic misogynist fake Christian shitheads. God thinks it is funny that I swear so much. He said I could use his name in vain or whatever. He just wants me to use it. He loves me. So fuck you. And I guess he loves you too. Even though you are fake Christian assholes. If you were truly Christians, you would let gays get married, and send them fucking presents from Bed Bath and Beyond!

If you truly believed in Jesus, you would try to be like him and love us, fags and dykes and feminists all. God bless you, even you. You fucking fuckers.

– from her blog

note, if you’ve never seen margaret LIVE, go, go, go!
her live shows are incredible. she makes you laugh. and cry. it’s better than cats.
especially if you live in louisville, tampa, jacksonville or philly, she’s got shows coming up PRONTO and go if there’s seats.
go. just go:

also mind blowing on tour at the moment:
st. vincent: mostly boston/NY/new jersey…go see her. she’s incredible live.
baby dee: (upcoming in buffalo, canada, UK). these shows are like church for those who have no religion. seriously.

in any event, if you see any of these fine ladies, SAY HI from me and send love, good air and moisturizer their way.


in other news:
record release week has been SICK.
the pre-order crashed the servers, the live webcast crashed the servers (over 1200 people tuned in, i answered random questions for almost 2 hours…we drank wine and registered on a whim….it was a hoot….thank you guys for tuning in in such droves…i want to do it all the time now.

i played instores in boston & portland (here’s me & chelsea, beth and ruebie…i am signing an EXCITING my little pony lunchbox for someone…and check out the weird man peering through the window….eeeee)….

(photo from

….and am hitting my last instore in williamsburg – the land of skinny pants, ironic haircuts and pointy shoes – tonight.

if you’re COMING to soundfix, get there early, bring your who killed amanda palmer stencils and cover their neighborhood.
i’m serious. if you meet me tonight and you can show me a dirty stencil and some fresh photos on your phone i will personally tweak your nipples (god, that all sounds very illegal).
maybe i won’t get arrested if i point out that you should make sure you use chalk. that will wash away in the rain immediately. ok.

the reviews are trickling in. nobody totally hates it yet.
the record’s blowing up in australia (of course. australia is awesome.) you ozzies, call triple J and thank them for spinning the shit out of the record.
i want to send them a bazillion cheesecakes.

i leave for dublin on monday. i can’t wait to tour.

on a related note: for all you under 18/21 who have been heartbroken about the age restrictions on the shows, i am hoping this is the last time this happens.
that was done without my awareness and i’m pissed. once the shows go on sale it can’t be switched. we are going to try to do some weird outside-the-club shit in every city where it’s billed over 18/21.
make sure you sign up for the TEXTING THING so that we can text you to meet us in random fields for soccer!

again (if you missed it)…we are launched a new TEXT MESSAGE UPDATE that will give you up-to-the-minute happenings in amanda-landa.
this is how we’ll let you know about really cool stuff happening during the tour. the danger ensemble and i plan on taking FULL advantage of this when we’re on the road and bored (flash mobs and unwarranted video shoots at your local denny’s or sainsbury’s: absolutely not out of the question). the future is now. technology is literally going to bring us all together. i am exciiiiited.

go here:
click “join mobile community”
follow instructions!

random dept:

some high school kids in the UK made a video for slide that was banned from the film festival that commissioned it:
starts slow, but stick with it. for high school, i’m impressed.
jesus. cocaine that young sort of makes me want to cry. why aren’t kids dropping acid anymore? wtf.

this clip made me really happy.
it’s a friend of a friend who busks in paris as a headless accordion player:


p.s. is UP. we’re tweaking it. once we’ve worked all the kinks out i’ll do an official post.

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