tickets for the play/secret LA show(?)….

hola fucking,

in los angeles, lost in the palmy sunshiney wasteland paradox of exes, sushi, agents and actors. got to love it. the sushi is, of course, unbeatable.

If you want to know what the weather here is like, you can google it, fer surely…..but more interestingly and certainly more surreally you can just follow david lynch on twitter.

shall try to blog before coachella but might not be able to.

a few quick things….

if you are coming to the coachella festival (the cure! ahhgg!!! depeche mode! leonard cohen! paul mccartney! AFP!) , you might want to read this thread about a small revolutionary coup we may be leading. bring nipple tassles? we’re trying.

if you aren’t coming to coachella because the tickets are so effing expensive, you should follow me on twitter starting NOW because I’m about to give away a pair a day for the next three days (starting today).

i also *might* also be doing a surprise show somehwere in LA tomorrow. if you’re not following me on twitter, you won’t hear about it, baby. that’s right. the twitter addiction has morphed into a full-on monotheocracy of doom. i don’t even know oif that’s sentence is really quite right, but you get it.

follow me or perish.

and the big news:
as announced yesterday via the mailing list (you’re not on it? For shame:, tickets for the lexington high school play (which is now officially titled “with the needle that sings in her heart”) are ON SALE. if you missed the last blog about it, read it here. the auditorium only holds 1000 people and the high school and town are holding an apportionment for stuidents and cast family, and our allotment is selling QUICKLY, so please please order online now if you want to come. you need to reserve tickets with a credit card and pick them up night of show. (note to the hundreds who HAVE bought tickets…thank you! aaand…. please be on time – this aint no rock show, if you show up later you’ll miss the action.)

getting to lexington (which is actually a straight shot down mass ave from boston and cambridge) from the city is about a 30 minute drive, and it’s right off route 2 and route 95. there are four shows:

Thursday May 7th
$10 – 7:30PM – All Ages

Friday May 8th
$10 – 7:30PM – All Ages

Saturday May 9th (matinee)
$10 – 1:30PM – All Ages

Saturday May 9th (evening)
$10 – 7:30PM – All Ages

one clip of love:
leo gaskell is a video genius lexington high student who has been attending all the rehearsals (you’ll recognize his name from the still shots i posted in the last blog). he’s been videotaping everything and just put this awesome youtube clip together, which includes an interview with me (in the LHS auditorium) and footage of bogart, the rehearsal space, the process, the students and a bunch of other stuff….go see!!!


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