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lexington play to be WEBCAST TONIGHT!

the kindly folks at lexmedia, who run lexington cable access, are helping us WEBCAST the entire show, with 3-4 cameras under the direction of the talented and astonishing michael pope (director of almost every dolls and AFP video you’ve ever seen – now twittering at @popecinema).

this is awesome!

we are 90% sure this is going to work, so please bear with us if there are tech problems, but things are looking good.

call friends, get ready huddle around the computer like people used to huddle around the wireless radio in the old days, plan a popcorn share and bring a hanky. the show is heavy and intense. the duration of the show is just over 2 hours.

we’ll be going live from at 7:30 pm EST TONIGHT (saturday night).

beth (@bethofalltrades) is going to be down in the tech trenches so twitter her how the feed is going. really good, really bad, we want to know.

for those of you who aren’t able to tune into the webcast, we’re hoping to edit together the show for web viewing (youtube, vimeo, or something like that) within the next few months.

two great articles about the show came out today, btw:
one from bay windows.
photo by Melissa Ostrow

another in the boston phoenix.
photo by beth hommel

here are some recent pictures – god the set looks beautiful. i helped paint the floor thursday morning :)
all photos by beth hommel

we have shirts and art prints of the posters. sexy faux-hawked beth designed them. i modeled the girly shirt in my dear old house bedroom. they’re hot.


the shows are almost sold out. if you’re in boston, you should come. if you’re not in boston, you should come.

there are walk up tickets available for the shows today, but they’re running close to selling out. you can buy them at the door. $5 for LHS students. $10 for the general public. the show is amazing. just come.

Lexington, MA
Saturday, May 9th

Lexington High School
tix: $10
time: 1:30 PM Matinee show
ages: all

Lexington, MA
Saturday, May 9th

Lexington High School
tix: $10
time: 7:30 PM
ages: all

i love you.


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