NEW SONG: “Drowning In The Sound”. profits to texas/harvey

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i wrote a brand new fuckin’ new song and you should go listen to it. it’s awesome, and it’s here:


HEADPHONES / GOOD SPEAKERS PLEASE !!!!! make this artist happy.

$3+ patrons, hold tight for your download link, it’s coming right after this post.


all: i am so excited to give you this Thing. this song came out….beautifully. i have no distance, no perspective, i’ve been drowning in it for three days. i have no idea.

if you missed the memo: this was my experiment to kick my own ass away from the mundane art-eating tasks that were swallowing my life and keeping me from writing songs: i committed to holing myself up in a studio for two days (and, by accident, an additional third day…who knew the entire session from day 2 would get lost, RIP session #1) and i pointed an art-gun to my head and wrote/recorded an entirely original song from scratch using input/inspiration/prompts/comments from all the patrons here….all told about 650+ comments went into the cauldron of my songwriting brain.

the act of reading those comments was an incredibly emotional experience in itself…people shared so many personal stories, fears, i felt like i was peeking into the inner, vulnerable workings of so many hearts.

anyway, for better or worse: this song is what came out the other side.

it wound up threading together a LOT of things, but mostly…the hurricane, the eclipse, the pain of the internet. i hear so many influences in it…i was listening to a lot of elliott smith in the run-up, and i was spinning ani difranco’s “dilate” on a drive last week, i can feel her oozing out of this song and there’s a little regina hiding in there, and there’s definitely a melody lifted from kate bush….and i daresay i even hear a little fuckin prince and michael jackson in there. all the things.

i’m really, really happy with it.

it was recorded quickly, so you’ll hear some mess: not all the tempos and notes are perfect. to me it sounds like a combination of a demo and a finished song…there’s only piano and layered vocals. but it gets the idea in my head across. maybe someday: drums? strings? but for now….just this, from the fuckin’ heart.

again…all of the lyrics and the song (via bandcamp) are HERE on the project page:


10% of the profit from this Patreon Thing, and 100% of the public profits (from iTunes, Bandcamp, etc, for the next month) are going to go to help out people affected by hurricane harvey. we polled around and decided on this charity, TexasDiaperBank.org, who are focusing on helping ALL affected areas of the disaster. if you feel moved to make a donation on top, i know the families would appreciate it.

but mostly: PLEASE SHARE THIS SONG. send people to the project page or directly to bandcamp (https://amandapalmer.bandcamp.com/track/amanda-palmer-drowning-in-the-sound)….. post it, email it, share share share. the further it spreads, the more likely it’ll drum up some more money for this charity.

don’t forget: i have no record label. rolling stone will probably not be phoning. if this song is going to make it out into the world, it’s because you are going to put it there.

i love you all so much. thank you for supporting my patreon, thank you for supporting, well, ME, and thank you for making me do things, even if it’s me making me do the doing…..you know what i mean.

in love and gratitude…and let me know what you think of it. i always want to know.



P.S. the song credits:

all music, lyrics, piano, vocals: amanda palmer

engineer: eli winograd @ lone pine studio in kingston, NY

special thanks to ben folds for texting with me from backstage in little rock, arkansas, and making me change the chorus and cut two useless repetitions before the first chorus.

which reminds me, $5+ people, i have some hilarious extra shit coming your way (including my voice memo demos to ben folds).


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