day 10! the original “bottomfeeder” demo

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hola dears!


two days left of the 12 DAYS OF AFP-NESS…hold tight.


first of all, yes, as someone pointed out…the 12 days of christmas are actually supposed to START on christmas and then extend into the january sad-times. i switched the narrative on that. sorry. it was a choice.


second: all of your feedback and discussion has been wonderful and i’m working on making christmas day worth officially thinging. i’ve been inspired to reach into the future to grab a perfect thing to thing. it’ll make sense in a second.


third: TODAY.


this is the original line-up of the grand theft orchestra, doing a demo of bottomfeeder about a year before we settled down to record the actual album. we were in boston at a place called mad oak studios with an engineer named benny grotto, getting our very first vibe together. there was a small handful of songs we started the band with: this, want it back, do it with a rock star.


some songs take forever to write, and this was one. i kept fiddling with the lyrics (as you can hear, they’re quite different from the final version). some songs just never feel finished. this is one.


the song was, like some songs, about 24 different things, a where’s waldo of my life at the time of writing. it’s a cousin to “lost”. a lot of it is about death and losing people.


i love this demo, i think it gives the album version a run for its money.

when we got to melbourne a year later and made the actual record, michael thought it would be fun to create a drum-loop for the intro and we added a ton more synthesizer. the synth on this version is just the simple bass taurus that you can hear in the choruses.


and my demo voice, i daresay, might even beat the album vocal. i wasn’t tired out from two weeks of studio recording.


that’s something i think about a lot in terms of patreon and How and When to record. there is definitely a wisdom of recording piecemeal, because recording twelve songs’ worth of vocals in a weeks’ time often means the first songs shine and the last songs get the brunt of whatever is left of your vocal cords.


all food for thought.


anyway: ENJOY!!! i love this song.


chad raines: guitar and moog taurus bass synth

michael mcquilken: drums

jherek bischoff: bass guitar

amanda palmer: piano & vocal


(GERMANS! i have seen your complaints about GEMA and youtube. the SAME song is posted up on bandcamp, same recording go get it. and all y’all, if you want to download it, i’ve put it up for you, for free, on bandcamp:





p.s. the final album version of the song is HERE:


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