DAY 2! the dresden dolls – girl anachronism w/ ambitious orchestra

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hi dears.

this one is an audio clip that we came across and lo, and behold, there’s no recording of it anywhere i could find….so we’ve uploaded it as audio-only to youtube and free+ to bandcamp.

ahhh, the dresden dolls. hard to believe right now, with this crying baby at my side, that there were about five years there where i ate, slept, sweated, drank and did absolutely nothing but. from 2003 to 2008 it was pretty much all dolls all the time – if we weren’t on the road we were in the studio, and if we weren’t on the road or in the studio, we were rehearsing for the road or the studio. we lived the band, brian
and i. the travel and touring all blurred into one giant mass. we did not take time off. it’s part of what burned us out, i think.

since the Road was our Life, we also collaborated a LOT with friends in different cities, countless numbers, and the ambitious orchestra were a group in NYC that we had on board as an opener for at least two or three shows that i can remember…it’s a blur. we did a bunch of versions and covers and things that escape me, but this was definitely one.

(and…if anyone was there, jog my brain).

their leader (benjamin) did all the arrangements, and we usually had minutes to rehearse the final dolls+orchestra version that you hear here.

the twelve days of AFP-ness will continue tomorrow…..this shit is just the tip of the iceberg, we have some serious goodies coming.



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