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yo peeps.




today’s offering is a humbler offering, because it’s already been released…but the release was lost in the madness of other things (whatever it was at the time…book, probably, or death. it was always one or another for a couple years there).

anyway, this is the first time i’m putting it up on my channel.


there’s a great little label called American Laundromat run by a dude named joe who have been putting out wonderful tribute albums for years…if you remember The Dresden Dolls covering “Pretty in Pink”, that was from a similar collection (w00t w00t john hughes soundtrack tributes). this was recorded with the grand theft boys when we were making “theatre is evil” in melbourne, engineered by john congleton at sing sing.


anyway, it’s perfect because this song is reflecting my fuckin mood.


i grew up worshipping the soundtrack to repo man.

iggy pop, black flag, circle jerks…it was a gateway tape.


i wasn’t generally into hard hardcore fasty fasty shouty punk, i was more of a melody-addict, so i was more into the clash than the sex pistols if you know what i mean.


btw, repo man is an amazing movie…if you haven’t seen it, grab a substance and get down to it. cult classic for a good reason. but the soundtrack captured something really essential about the statement of the film.


being in los angeles as i am right now, i’m definitely feeling some rage against the machine. the sun is nice, the people are friendly, but there’s a pain in the crass commercialism here that makes you just want to…strangle yourself? strangle someone else? …in my case…i’m not into strangling. i just want to flee away from the beautiful people and the stores selling pocketbooks and start a commune somewhere, anywhere.


you think i’m kidding? i’m not.


shit is driving me crazy.


the baby is taking my filter off.


the phones, the money, the capitalism, the lack of connection…we’re asleep.


i’m ready to flee and squat.


i’m not crazy.

you’re the one that’s crazy.


They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy:




i’m not the one that’s crazy.

i’m not the one that’s crazy.

i’m not the one that’s crazy.




stay with me.


i love you




p.s. you can find the whole album here.

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