from the hospital in boston

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we made it. he’s…hanging in there.

it isn’t pretty. it’s really ugly actually. but i am so glad we made it.


he put his hand on my belly.


he isn’t totally coherent. there’s lots of tears. we’re all here. seeing someone you love in extreme pain is the hardest. it’s so hard. you can’t do anything and you can’t feel the pain for them.


but seeing all of your love and prayers and crazy cancer stories and well-wishes makes me so grateful to be part of this beautiful world filled with so much kindness and goodness.


meanwhile every newspaper headline mourns for nine people shot in a church. a crime fueled by ugliness and fear, white against black. in a CHURCH. a fucking church. a church.


my god there’s so much hate.


but there’s so much love.


the human family breathes.

in and out. in and out. someday we’ll get this right, everybody.


i don’t know what the next few days will bring, but i will be here in the hospital – or not far away. there’s a chance he may turn a corner. it’s not likely, but miracles happen.


please keep sending your love. it is everything.


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