INTERNET MOMENT! INTERNET MOMENT!!!!! the hardback “art of asking” is on sale for $11 until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (link below, STOCK UP ON MULTIPLECOPIES!!)…but…and…aaaghhhhh …..HELP! this is getting crazy. SO many people on twitter (and now on facebook) WANT to GIFT the book (esp at discount today!!!) for OTHER people-strangers-fans who can’t afford it …and we are desperate to figure out a good system to connect everybody. right now i’m just tweeting people in need and people are jumping in in realtime to help (which is incredible!!)….but its not sustainable, as i-or-someone-as-human needs to run the switchboard and it clogs up.

people have suggested google docs, bookcrossing, book mooch, reddit, FB pages, big email group – but ALL of these systems either dont cover all formats or seem to need a human being to run them and i’d love something that can run on it’s own. ANY IDEAS? ITS THE FUTURE, PEOPLE!! WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS!

what i’d ideally love:
a website where people can put up their hands with a sentence about how they want the book, what format they’ll accept….then an angel can swoop in, click their box, and gift them the book in whatever form they’ll take (ebook, audiobook, mailed second-hand, indie book gift certificate)….i’ve even seen fans CALLING IN ORDERS TO INDIE BOOKSTORES for other fans to walk over and pick up!!! it’s so awesome! but it’s so fucking chaotic!!!

if you think you can help me solve this dilemma….please hit me below! we’re reading all comments while we try to figure this out fast so people can take advantage of the $11 amazon sale….! meanwhile we are encouraging people to just create a PUBLIC AMAZON WISHLIST and post the link & a short message here in comments or over on twitter (using the hashtag #ArtOfGiving). there are generous angelic people with extra dough scanning the hashtag and comments here randomly gifting the book (which is pretty amazing). that’s the best i can do right now to connect everybody!!!!

MEANWHILE – “the art of asking” in hardback is avail. at amazon for about $11 UNTIL 3 am this morning, eastern time!!!! GET ON IT!!!!!!!

here’s the link (and below, the 30%-off link to get the deeper discount))….

the book link:

30%-off link:

people have also been having luck with the audiobook (in US only!!)
let me know if it is/isn’t working for you in comments below….

AND SHARE THIS!!!! you may have a nerdy friend who can help us figure out how to fix this !!!!!!!!!

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