THE WAR WITH AMAZON IS OVER…and now it’s my turn to ask.

just in time for book-release week



you’ll see there are a variety of formats (hardcover, kindle/ebook, audiobook via CD or digital download) and
should you encounter a dreaded message like this, do know that they ARE hurrying to get everything in stock as we speak. or as i type this. or as you read this. or maybe it’s all “in stock” by now. ANYWAY…

this is all to say that finally – awesomely – copies of
are now somewhere in the ocean of amazon-land…

you probably already bought it from your local independent bookstore, because you’re awesome like that (THANK YOU), so i’m going to call this entire exercise a win-win-win for everybody.

here’s the story ’bout it, via the times:

i asked neil if he would include my book in his blog yesterday. and he did. i’ve been asking the people coming to the shows every night to please spread the word once they read (and if they like) the book. and now…people of my blog, people of the internet (and facebook)…i’m asking you. so many of you poured out your stories, your hearts, and your help to get this book off the ground.

so to anyone who shared advice, stories, suggestions here on the blog: i couldn’t thank you all in the acknowledgments (which are already like 8 pages long)….but i know you’re there.


i poured my fucking bloody heart and soul and brain into this book for the past year. i hope, more than anything, to make you guys proud.
a lot of it is the story this community – what i’ve learned from being here. i hope when you read it, you see yourselves there.

you’ve been watching. it was a brutal road to get here.

and……now, i’m also taking a page out of my own book (kinda almost literally) and i’m asking for your help.

PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE BOOK. it should be in your local bookstore. if it isn’t: ASK THEM TO ORDER IT!

if you want to order it online: wherever you’re from, we have a list of where to get ithachette made one, too…and if you like ebooks or audiobooks (which i read myself), ALL the info is here on my site.

and most important: if and when you read (or listen to) it, and if it touches you, if you like it: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL PEOPLE. all the promoting in the world won’t do what you can do. no amazon, no full-
page ad in the new york times, no giant billboard in times square can do as much as a person telling another person that a book is worth reading. you are my word-of-mouth warriors.

so i ask: write a blog about how it hit you, write a review (and add it to your shelves) on goodreads or amazon, write a tumblr, write a facebook post, tweet the link, instagram photos of you with it (use the hashtag #TheArtOfAsking and feel free to tag me), tell your aunt elanor, give it to your graduating nephew…buy a stack of copies and hide them in your employees bathroom under the maxi pads…i need you guys. you are my word of mouth, and i’ve never needed you more. get creative. there’s no rules about how to promote a book.

i hope, most of all, that the book creates a bigger conversation about love, art, connection, human beings, the internet, and how we can take this bizarre moment in history to help each other fearlessly.

here’s to the extroverted taylor swifts, the introverted PJ harveys, the george bushes, to the dalai lamas, the U2s, and to everybody on earth.

we’re all in this together.

and you……thank you guys, for everything.

here’s to you.
without you, none of this would have existed.


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