independent day (aka TODAY’S READING…and a check-in from fuck-land.)

hey lovers. about to get on a plane to DC where i’ll be seeing a lot of you tonight…can’t wait. last night’s book release in boston was absolutely over the fucking top beautiful, emotional…perfect. Laurie Penny read from her new book, “unspeakable things”; Jason Webley brought surprise guest rachel jayson (from Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys) up on stage; Amy Cuddy brought her son jonah, who played guitar on “delilah” while she bravely sang with me; neil read a heartbreaking passage from the book about…stuff, and best of all, anthony hobbled onto stage against everybody’s better judgement…he had chemo the day before and today they are injecting the shunt in his brain with yet more chemicals for the cancer they’ve found there (basically, he’s in intolerable cancer hell) and, by request, he read a 20-minute long piece of writing at my request to a rapt audience. there were lots of tears. and Artisan’s Asylum set up a table and took donations and i signed more books till my little arm fell off.

it was the world’s perfect book launch.

i wrote this piece for The Independent (quite an honor to be asked) about two weeks ago while in the midst of tech hell for “The Bed Show”. there’s a couple of paragraphs lifted from the book but mostly it’s new thoughts threaded together. please comment if moved.

Both masseurs Neil Gaiman and Jamy Ian Swiss helped edit it down to to 1,800 words. i’ve got a wonderful fucking bunch of people around me. swimming in gratitude every moment.

i love you guys. all of you.

i can’t wait to hear what happens when the book hits your brains. please tell me. i’m still not reading press reviews.

and keep spreading the word. george bush has got fucking nothing on us.

as i said to the crowd last night: he may have a wider reach, but he doesn’t have a fanbase quite as awesome as i do. no further comment.

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