happy mullet boxing day!

hola my dear comrades….
dealing with post-day-christmas lethargy.
christmas included wonderful family time, two church services (but they cut the part where the little boys dress up as shepards with towels wrapped on their heads and the girls dress like angels with tinsel on their heads! WTF. i was pissed), and a traumatic amount of food-intake.
trying to stop this cookie addiction which swarmed over my life like a crack sickness.
so, on christmas eve i sent a little surprise xmas present to everyone who was on my email list to thank them all for their willingness to be personally bombarded with AFP information.
if you’re not on the list you’re getting it a day or two late.
if you’re on the list, thank you and i love you.
and if you are starting to get the gist of this?
SIGN UP FOR THE LIST. do it for me. do it for the baby jesus.
a little background on this incredibly sappy project which will forever mar my good name and pin me forever more into the eternal walhalla of fucking corny theater people and fans of the movie “labyrinth”.
this ridiculousness was made LAST summer in edinburgh while we were al there for the fringe staying with the fabulous cunninghams.
i got the idea because i was going for a daily jog down that endless walled alley and every single time i did i couldn’t help feeling like i was personally re-enacting that goddamn scene from the movie. every jog, it just got worse.
so one day i got back the cunningham’s house from my jog and asked sam if he had any poor and free filmmaker friends who might be up for coming over and making a re-make of that stupid fucking scene. he did, and his friend mark from thecuillincollective.co.uk showed up with friends and cameras, rosie volunteered to make and gather the cotumes and the sock puppet (and the chrsitmas ornaments!), sam and i ran lines and he took on the wormy character to brilliant effect, and neil, after much persuasion (well, actually, it was easy, i think i just promised him i’d have sex with him, and i do that anyway) agreed to DON THE MULLET and play the part of jareth. he drew the line at spandex. i begged. but that just wasn’t going to happen. i think probably that was for the best.
mark’s brother made the cheesy-as-hell music (and did a VERY fine job, i must say).
and voila, instant art:
here’s the original worm-sarah dialogue clip….for fun:
now i will get back to cleaning, packing, getting ready for australia, and trying to stay away from the cookies.
i love you,
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