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coachella slay!

oh, coachella.

it was strange being there without brian. the last time i played this festival was in 2006, with the dolls. same stage.
(it was one of those landmark events for us…we killed the set. killed it. we also wound up on the coachella DVD…the coachella folks asked if they could come into our trailer and film right before we hit stage.
usually we never allow people to film us getting ready for something important, but we said what the hell: watch it here for your refreshment. i hadn’t watched this clip for a while. it made me feel all nostalgic.)

festivals are hit and miss, hot and cold, pros and cons, always, for the touring band.

-you get to meet other bands and see lots of other acts, which is actually very hard to do when you’re touring and playing 5 or 6 nights a week.
80% of the bands i’ve seen and met in the past 6 years have been at festivals.
-you get to grab at an audience who wouldn’t bite the bullet and see you in a club
-free beer
-if it’s good, the food.

-the lack of placefulness. often, you only have a trailer for a few hours before your set and no place to put your stuff if you’re not in a tour bus. so you are forced to hang around poorly-lit catering areas and mope if you don’t feel like being out in the sun watching bands, which (when you’ve been touring at festivals for a few weeks) can be about as fun as dental work
-you are acting as a commercial for yourself or your band. you usually get a 30 minute slot to say: HI! THIS IS WHAT I’M KIND OF LIKE! COME SEE THE REAL THING SOMEDAY!
-free beer
-if it’s bad, the food

coachella wins at most festival things – they take WONDERFUL care of their artists and the food is phenomenal. and they decorate your trailer with christmas lights and tinsel n’ things.

i stole most of the trailer decorations and added them to my outfit.

however….there is a definitely icky Los Angeles vibe with a huge buy-in VIP area where the rich and the botoxed pay huge bucks to be close to celebrities and swill $12 cocktails and wear heels and leave via limo at the end of the night when the rest of the plebeians head to the camp grounds for the night. really guys?
but i shouldn’t talk for christ’s sake – i’m one of the lucky fucks who has an actual indoor place to stay here thanks to an amazing fan named rob who lives a mile from the festival and not only volunteered to house me, zoe, the crew, my tour manager, my assistant, my manager and HER assistant, and my art director larisa BUT has been making us ceviche and waffles and guacamole and keeping an ongoing stream of coffee for us. in exchange for tickets – we’re getting to fair end of the deal BY FAR. air mattresses all around, baby. i feel guilty that i got the bed. thank you rob (and robs family :)

i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again: fuck hotels.

so, photos galorrrre. i twittered a storm all weekend (and still ain’t done…about to head out now and see my bloody valentine and the cure….)

got to coachella friday afternoon. staked out the moz dressing room backstage. but never ran into him. probably good:

friday night i watched conor oberst (kinda boring, but he was sporting an AMAZING hat), leonard cohen (sublime) and morrissey….oh moz.
he looked so unhappy. i twittered some choice quotes and offered advice:

morrissey at coachella=unhappy. Choice quote: “the smell of burning flesh is more than I can bear….and I hope its human”
12:30 AM Apr 18th from TwitterBerry

Everybody bring hairdryers and fans to the coachella hamburger stand and point them AWAY FROM THE MOZZER!!!!!
12:32 AM Apr 18th from TwitterBerry

morrissey, assuming everyone hates him, to coachella audience, woefully, before starting song: “can you bear any more??”
12:36 AM Apr 18th from TwitterBerry

conor by wendy lopez


why is this big gay sailor punching my mozzy hair?

(leonard and the moz by kristi highum)

the morning of the show we went to a few radio stations who had trucked out to coachella and had rented houses in gated communities (SO WEIRD).
i played a few songs, did interviews, checked out their backyards.

this was one…..SURREAL:
(beth hommel)

we met up with a bunch of people (thank you twitter) a few hours before my show and we painted them up, black and white in front and with the letters
AMANDAFUCKINGPALMER on their backs. then we paraded over the the stage and, to the beautiful sounds of “thus spake zarathustra”, they unveiled themselves. epic.


(beth hommel)

the result:

everyone was so awesome. if you painted people are out there reading this: I LOVE YOU!!!!!! thank you. thank you. we ruled.


in the trailer. belly power.
(beth hommel)

last minute geek-out before leaving for stage……

i love how coachella has white picket fences to separate each artist’s trailer. totally quaint.

o go.

me&zoe, about to hit stage
(beth hommel)

the crowd:
(getty images, obvi)

the fucking:

zoe wanted some wine. i obliged.


AFP = crowd-surfing superhero



arrived. re-united with ukulele.
(getty images)

here’s a clip beth grabbed of part of the crowdsurf and the on-the-shoulders-of-the-hot-men-from-lucent-dossier “creep”:

she had to run around the back so some of the crowd surfing gets lost, but you’ll get the idea.

….and yes.
me & zoe are totally dorks.
we took this picture of the crowd at coachella with my macbook.
i was very honest.
i said i would twitter it, and twitter it i did:


then we paraded over the do lab to hang out and love….and reunite with katie kay (!!!!) who i hadn’t seen since fall

somebody asked me to sign bob moulds setlist….
so i did.


here’s me and zoe doing “time is running out” by muse….beth filmed it:

i felt so so good after the set. my agents and peeps were all very proud and told me i killed it. lots of random people who had never seen me before ferretted me out and thanked me for making their weekend. i felt grateful.

and now, for the first time i am taking a real break……i don’t have another record to make. i don’t have anything to do after the play, i’m done.
and i’m really, really, really really fucking happy. i feel like i toured my fucking ass off on this record and did everything i possibly could to promote it with no help from the label and that i did ok. and i had shitloads of help, from the right places. from people who actually give a shit about me and what i’m doing.

now??? i don’t know, dude.

now i’m going to decide what the fuck i want to do with my life.
right now the vague plans i have, after the lexington play, are to go to mexico for a yoga retreat (sorry guys, no shows. i thought about it. but i’ll come back to play, i promise.)
then i’m going to spend some time in NYC at the end of may and early june and play a few shows. neil’s coraline musical (music by stephin merritt, the magnetic fields masterminder) opens on june 1st, i want to be there for that. i’m doing a show in NYC for pride weekend at the highline ballroom, tickets are up on sale for that:

might go to china.


while i ponder that, here some photos from secret LA show….filmed by current TV. i’ll let you know when it’s up (it will be at

i twittered it about 2 hours before the event and dropped the address (it was at a factory-lofty space in downtown LA that’s run by my friends at smash labs…..
it was perfect. about 75 people showed up (from where, i don’t know. don’t you people have jobs??) and i played for about an hour, blew my nose frequently, then did an interview with the gay website and took questions from the crowd. someone gave me her peanut butter sandwich, because i was hungry.

here is a nice filmstrip of the day:

will you let you know when the footage goes up on afterellen.

i woke up in the morning and checked out the surf with my cousin gus (shown below in all his glory, on left, with his hot friend DC on right).

i have agreed to return to LA for the last week of june to actually learn to surf.

in fact, i promised him.

i will probably also play a show, so beware, los angeles.
i also plan to see tegan and have lunch with weird al yankovic.

life is so awesome.

still owe you guys an epic music industry blog, will work on it on the plane home tomorrow.


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  • therealtaryn

    So, the fact that you crowd surfed is absolutely amazing.

    and i love when you play muse covers, because they’re one of my favorites.

    Long Live Amanda Fucking Palmer. :)


  • Austin

    boston is so proud of you.

  • yosmark

    My heart just skipped a beat… no shows but YOU WILL BE BACK!!!

    I think I want to cry of happiness :’)

  • Amy

    So much beauty in this entry. I love it. I wish I could have been there to see, for you are dazzling!

    You can come and crash on my big smooshy couch in Japan for as long as you want! :D
    Be my bum roommate!
    I’ll make us cookies.

  • Stephanie

    Amanda, I just want to say that you are my hero. I’ve somehow never managed to catch a show by you or The Dolls (much to my everlasting dismay) but I read the blogs, have DD on constant iPod shuffle and now, as I embark on a completely new chapter of my life with what I could fit in my car and still have room for myself and my dog, headed to a new state with no job lined up (a decision made at 10am this morning), the phrase “WWAFPD” will follow me.

  • Maz Chiong

    You are phenomenal. I wish I could’ve seen/met you on one of those days but alas I was penny less and couldn’t acquire coachella tickets. I even tried to win them from you, but it’s all good, there will be another day when I can appraise you’re wonderful talents in the flesh. I am so thankful for your generosity and thankful that you give your fans the chance to win tickets to your shows. When the moment of our meeting happens, it will probably be one of the happier moments in my life. I look forward to it!

    I hope I see you sometime soon, hopefully in June if you decide to do a show in LA before or after your surfing adventures.

  • Shiranne

    i’m really tempted to go to moscow so i can see you and support you and all that, but it’s just not that close, and i don’t really have the money for it. wanna come visit jerusalem and do a show in yonder holy land? it’s really hot and humid in israel in the summer, but boston is also really hot and humid in the summer isn’t it? anyway. yeah. you’ve got a lot of fans in this hellhole.

  • Chuck

    Lunch with Weird Al? Not the most probable meeting of musicians I adore, but that just makes it even more fucking awesome.

  • ktdotrose

    I love the back picture!! Make posters. Immediately.
    You are a fantastic bloggist.

  • laurie

    You should totally go to China. You guys make an awesome couple.

  • Ryan

    Hey Amanda,

    I’m not your normal “go online and find the artist you like and email him/her”, but I saw your show at Coachella and fucking loved it. My girlfriend introduced your music to me when we first met (about a year and a half ago), starting with “Girl Anachronism” — and I’ve enjoyed listening to your stuff ever since. But when you played, I realized that your not just an awesome musician, but also a great fucking performer.

    Any who, enough of the idol worship. I just wanted to let you know that I tried to chase you down after the show so that you could call my girlfriend, huge fan, and well… say hi. Mostly because I feel like shit for going without her, but also because it would blow her mind. She also told me to tell you (if and when I saw you) to tell you she loves you and your belly… and that you’d know what that meant. But after the Radiohead cover, I easily lost you in the chaos of people that is Coachella. If you’d still like to call her for me, I’ll send you an email with the number. And please tell me more about the book your publishing that you mentioned during the show. Thanks again for the kick ass performance and reading my jargon.

    -Ryan Babcock

  • Patricia

    Please have a fantastic, relaxing, recharging break! I’m so grateful that I got to see you in Sydney, and follow your adventures through twitter and the blog – you deserve to go chill for ages. Thanks again for a wild ride through this tour and giving me the best gig I’ve ever been to. xxx
    sydney’s redhead who cried through astronaut.

  • jessylou22

    Amanda. Thats me in the leopard print, in the picture of you painting me. I loved painting all those fans. It was a lovefest. On the drive home that night it hit me that i actually orchestrated getting all those letters painted on. I can’t believe i panted “Amanda Fucking Palmer” on 25 people in less than an hour. Thanks to the team work that made it epic Then at the end of it all you painted me. Then being on stage with all those people in front of us, and drinking wine with you back stage… seriously you make my life.

    I love you. Love. Love. Love.

    I told so many people about you. Passed out nearly 200 cards, and i have so many more to give. I love being on your street team. Katrina rules.

    The world must hear your music. I can’t wait for june. I’ll be seeing you again.

  • Linda

    There’s something strangely alluring about the sparkly green ting ting shit in your hair. I think that if you would have offered some of that to morrissey he wouldn’t have felt so bad, and that he would quite possibly have attracted a large number of gay sailors. He’d be like the equivalent of a statue of liberty trolling spoon.

    All the love!

  • Santi Gabanti!

    Coachella has to be the best festival in America, in my opinion – and Ive never been to the US of A
    It just looks like a huge, fucking great time and, I would of let you paint my belly AFP – so fucking funny!

    Looks like you had a good time!

  • Andi

    Glad to hear Coachella went well (I’d love to make it there one day!) and that you get a break now.

    Come to Britain on holiday?!?!

    Andi xxx

  • carolinacoffeegirl

    today is the day I order your book, and shell out 40 dollars to the great cause that is feeding you and keeping you from the horrors of…..waitressing?
    I am so thrilled that I got to see you in NC when I did as well.
    I love you. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Amanda Flintoff

    Amazing post…brilliant pics!

    What a fantastic way to start ‘cooling down’ after an EPIC year.

    Still want us to let you know when this baby is born (I am weird pregnant belly signed woman)??? 5 weeks to go. Maybe more…it’ll show up whenever it likes.

  • anna

    This looks like soooooo much fun! If you go to China, share pics? Congrats on an amazing tour!:)

  • jgoldenflame

    I love you crowd surfing and singing “creep” on such a sweet little instrument. I cried. Tears rolled down my face because I felt so happy to watch you love so fearlessly and have as much fun as you want. It makes a difference in the lives of everyone who witnesses it. It makes a difference to me.

  • Madeline

    Jesus, you killed that Muse cover. I’ve never heard their music so stripped-down and raw. Thank you.

    Good luck with surfing and yoga. You clearly need the break, and you’ll come back an even better performer with your physical and emotional portfolio somewhat diversified.

  • david

    when is the evelyn evelyn record coming out?????

  • Marcella

    I hope you enjoy Mexico :)! We’d be honored to have you here.

  • david

    you saw my bloody valentine but didn’t see the yeah yeah yeahs?!
    they were phenomenal!!! the best band of the night. hands down.
    my bloody valentine was weird as fuck. they played one note for 20 minutes straight!!
    what the fuck was that?
    re-goddamn-dicuous. that’s what it was.

  • Anna

    I just thought you’d find it interesting that you were mentioned (and pictured taking the very picture that appears in this blog) in this blog:
    los campesinos are an incredible welsh band. it makes me happy when bands/artists i like are fans of other bands/artists i like. like you’re all one happy family or something.
    coachella sounded amazing, wish i could have been there. someday i’ll venture out from my cozy canadian home and bear the desert heat.

  • Chris

    God Damn Fucking AMAZING!!!

    Great energy & great music.
    You were Coachella personified.

  • Fred von Lohmann

    I took three of the photos of the Coachella set that you posted above. And let me tell you, that was the highlight of my weekend (OK, second only to Leonard Cohen). I had always meant to check out your music, never quite managed to, but your set this weekend made a total believer out of me. One more fan for your army…

  • kali_licious

    Take your time. Enjoy your yoga retreat. Learn to surf. Be happy. Happy is always a good place to be.

  • abrokengirl

    I feel chills.

    The fans need regular feeding.

  • sarah

    Coachella looks like sooo much fun! That’ll be my graduation present to myself next year. (:
    Speaking of Festivals, you should go to Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in NY towards the end of July. It’s greaaaaat! Look that shit up.

    You have some great plans planned, and you’re lucky you can take those chances. Good luck!
    Cannot wait to see you on Sunday!

  • lanap

    Amanda Fucking Palmer!
    i have a great picture of your crowd surfing at coachella
    some pretty great ones actually, you were AMAZING!

  • HornyHeather

    Its great to see you happy and relaxed :) Enjoy your well-deserved rest and we will welcome you with open arms on your return to the UK!

    Heather xx

    ps- Thank you for the Neutral Milk Hotel recommendation – i just bought it off iTunes. its so fucking weird but it might just be my summer CD :)

  • Jonathan

    Did you see this when you were at Coachella?

    Synopsis: a wizard removes his robe, revealing the first micro-penis I’ve ever seen outside of an anatomy textbook. He defies many police orders to clothe himself, so the cops help him along with some wrestling moves and a taser. Several tasers, in fact. Although, despite the tasers, choking and arm-bars, they don’t really seem to succeed in clothing him with much more than a pair of handcuffs. Crowd participation was enthusiastic but limited to shouting slogans that seemed more relevant when George Bush was president.

    Rating: “Hard R” for 360 full degrees of male nudity (including an unwashed perennium), foul language, lengthy scenes of clumsy, pointless violence and, oddly, no score despite the fact it was filmed at a music festival.

    Oh, also: great idea for a Dolls song. “Street-Fighting Fop”. It’ll be about the more refined members of all those Weimar Freikorps and paramilitary groups that were always mixing it up at cabaret closing time. Specifically, about a handsome young Red who tries to beat down some Sturmabteilung goon but he gets his ass kicked because he spends too much time reading Marx and not enough raising hell. But his lover consoles him; she prefers a thinker to a thug. Can’t wait to hear it!

  • russty

    Amanda, Thank you so much for the secret show! You made my week amazing! You are truly a beautiful soul. I was blown away by the fact that you got dressed up in costume and make up to play for us on a Wednesday afternoon. You made a dream of mine come true. I probably would not have gotten to see you live other wise. Thank you for letting me be part of something special. And believe it or not I do have a job! haha I’m an artist and I dropped everything I was doing to be there. It was a great reminder of how awesome my life can be. I hope you find some time to rest and recharge. Please do come back in June. LA is always ready for AFP!

  • Alycia Adame

    Lunch with Weird Al?!
    Take me with you!

  • Lisa

    i love you so much amanda youre the most amazing woman, along with patricia quinn :)
    i love the belly power and crowd surfing pic!

    Love YOU!
    X LISA X

    • cayta

      Thank you for sharing this with those of us who couldn’t be there. It is really cool of you to do that.

  • June_Miller

    My friend texted me the first day you performed and said ‘Amanda Palmer has just made the most epic entrance I HAVE EVER SEEN!’ I didn’t know what you had in store, but I knew it had to be good. Well-played, madam. You’re a crowd-surfing hero. And a bad motherfucker. Bless you. The silhouette shot of Zoe is awesome. I have to say that I’m stoked you guys enjoy performing together so much. She was my favorite one in Rasputina, back in the day, so this all pretty much rules infinitely.

    I actually love that black and white dress very much. Classy.

    Those tricky dicks at Coachella, setting up such awesome musicians performing at the same time. It’s really hard to decide between watching Morrissey or Cohen, I’d guess. But at least you can just take a little jaunt one way to check out either, compared to the other usual option of taking one and leaving the other entirely. I guess my friend ended up floating between you and Rollins, who was doing spoken word at the same time. But she mainly stuck around you. Good.

    I have a strange fascination with that giant sailor pic, for some reason. I wanna emulate it. Weird? Yeah..

    Also, a beautiful gay man who is TOTALLY MORRISSEY owns the only bar around my area with a gay night. I love him in a completely platonic way. Quite the showman.

    Your Twitters are my newest addiction.

    I’d Twitter, but I’d have nothing to Tweet.

    Other than just saying ‘Twitter’ and all its other variations infinitely, because I think it’s fun to say.

    I’m glad to hear you’re resting up, and writing and just regrouping after such a long while. It’s been said before, but you really do deserve it. I’m also glad you’ve written up a new song. Looking forward to hearing it..

    My last couple songs that I wrote sucked. Ass.

    But I’ve got a couple more that I just need to finish up on (IT’S ALWAYS THE ENDINGS THAT FUCK ME UP) that can and totally will make up for them. I promise.

    Rest easy out there. Love from the West Coast, floating eastward.

    Californians are stupid. They get kind of taken aback or trip out when I say I want to move to Massachusetts. Some have even been like ‘No you don’t! It’s not your thing!’ I certainly doubt you know my thing, or what’s good for me, sir.

    I’ve been finding my ‘thing’ all my life, and it has nothing to do with California. California is fucking retarded. Californians smoke too much pot and party too hard and pussy-foot their way around shit that actually matters because they want to make sure that ‘everything’s chill.’ Fuck those twats. You’re dead on about the Southern part of the state, but the Northern part barely has anything going for it either. There’s a line in a rap song I like, which states that ‘intellectuals only half-listen.’ There you have it. A bunch of pseudo-intellectuals listening only to the point where they deem fit, and ignore the other sides of the story and just keep repeating those same rehearsed lines. Music, philosophy, art, religion. All practiced lines.

    Get outta my face!

    That was a bit of a rant that has nothing to do with you slaying Coachella. Sorry about that..

    You slayed the hippest of the hip! Hooray! Hip hip hooray? Hip HOP hooray? Yes.

  • HornyHeather

    Eek! Be careful in Mexico and dont get that deadly flu! :-S

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    keerthi20livelife: kana
    sare thesestha
    6:38 AM ra padukundam
    6:39 AM me: abba
    ala anaku keer mood vasthe nuvvu levu ikkada keer
    keerthi20livelife: li8 kana
    6:40 AM me: ok
    6:41 AM i lov keer
    keerthi20livelife: i lov u too banagarm
    me: keer pant kuda tesay va chusta

    6:42 AM keerthi20livelife: kana sigguledu

    me: aahh ledu na pellam na keer

    keerthi20livelife: ha ni pellame nayana oddu anaga idi chalu

    me: ok
    keerthi20livelife: inka
    me: nuvvu levu
    6:43 AM keerthi20livelife: hmm

    me: keer tisay pant chudaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    keerthi20livelife: vadalav ga

    6:44 AM munde musloadu
    me: ahmm
    6:45 AM uff uffffffffffffff

    keerthi20livelife: cha
    me: muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    keerthi20livelife: kana
    me: bangaram
    keerthi20livelife: bangaram
    me: i lov u
    keerthi20livelife: muaaaaaaah
    i love u too
    me: keer india vaste natone undu keer
    keerthi20livelife: ok

    me: mi intiki veldam ma intiki veldam ok na

    6:46 AM keerthi20livelife: ok

    me: k
    keerthi20livelife: mari room ki odda

    me: room ka ?
    keerthi20livelife: ha naku kavali adi nito

    me: siggu lede niku

    6:47 AM keerthi20livelife: kana na mogudu

    me: hmm

    keerthi20livelife: i love u
    me: i lov u too
    6:48 AM ht enti?
    keerthi20livelife: i love u lotsssssss kana
    me: ok
    keerthi20livelife: kana

    6:49 AM me: cheppu keer

    keerthi20livelife: condom techuko apudu ok na :P
    me: condoms odde naku istam ledu
    keerthi20livelife: na valla kavatledhu
    me: ok
    6:50 AM keerthi20livelife: bangaram
    anduke aidga
    me: ok
    keerthi20livelife: plz na kana kada na bangaram kada

    me: ok le talli

    keerthi20livelife: hmm tanxs na bangaru mogudu

    me: abba
    keerthi20livelife: but dani kana mundu naku metlu petali nuvvu

    6:51 AM me: ok

    keerthi20livelife: shoping veltam ga apudu mettelu kondam

    6:52 AM koti kana
    na banda kana
    na musloada
    na mogudu
    na amar
    6:53 AM ma ayina
    me: emi
    ni amar e keer
    only keer amar
    i lov u
    keerthi20livelife: muaaaaaaah

  • Keerthi Somanath

    From: keerthi somanath
    Date: Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 1:52 PM
    To: Hari Prasad N

    hi re
    is ur mcafee working
    if it isnt just let me knw ok
    and i knw iwas bakwas in starbucks and didnt talk what we had to
    but i think u und me now :)
    as always hehe
    li8 ok

    its ok i only want to say
    it happened its over
    i am over with it too
    u told me to chose either on actions or mind
    i chose actions cos i dont want to control my mind
    :) cos i blve mind control mein na ho to only person is happy
    atleast i am happy that way :)

    and padmini ko beech mein kuch nahi kari
    i just thought abt her too cos u see its easy to give in to temptation especially when its u aur kuch nahi

    and yeah THANK GOD U R NOT MY BF :P
    see i enjoyed it and and ur bites hehe its a memorbale thing for me
    but its ok now
    i dont want to have so much confusion in my life

    the whole mail is about me and not about u
    my thinking abt u is still the same
    for me u r still the hari i knw
    i knw abt u more but its diff

    tujhe agar kuch kehna hai
    to better mail me
    cos i think we can put everything without contradticing much
    phone pe also its ok but i think we both und it now
    even a chat is also ok

    hope u did enjoy with me
    i was what iwas with ualways
    nothing show off or ignoring u

    take care


    PS dont forget about the mcafee thing

  • Keerthi Somanath

    Hi Rey H R U..?

    So far I am good. ha rey am sorry yesterday am not good, am not able to pick your call or even mailed you back.

    Aur kya chal raha hai. I am trying to tell you something since many days rey but don’t know how to tell. you are the only person I can share with. I am not happy here and my life almost sucks. You know I said about my friend hari.

    Even though he had a girl friend (padmini), he proposed me many times and he told he will marry me. I am in confusion for many days because I like him too. As you know amar and me love each other and we are going to marry soon. But don’t know what happened to me with out knowing I am with hari for some days and he used me. He tried to rape me recently when I am alone in my apartment, I tempted and submitted myself. Now he don’t wants to marry me, he just wants to be with padmini after all things happened.

    Now, my life became messy and not able to think anything. Recently I stopped talking to hari but he wants me every day for that. He is now torturing me and started black mailing everyday in office, bus stops and even started coming to my apartment when I am alone and harassing me for sex. Don’t know what to do, really I am dieing here everyday. He just wants to sleep with me and wants to use me as his bitch or keep.

    I never told all these to amar and he came to know all these by my mails recently.

    I tried to kill myself but .. Any way janedo. Hope time will solve everything. I did a mistake and suffering with these.

    Hope to here from you soon. And please don’t tell these things to anyone.

    Keerthi Somanath

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