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wellesley slept with amanda palmer

i’m flying a bit too fast, but happy to report that i have not lost my mind. i have gotten very good at flying fast and staying sane.
it’s a skill in itself. twittering things instead of adding them to a “to blog” pile has decongested my life considerably.

i wrote a new song the other night, hadn’t written a good one in a while. or written anything at all, for that matter.
i twittered while i wrote. it may sound tacky, but it helped.
this was my favorite moment, at the end:

i’ve been at rehearsals all day long, the play is fucking amazing & i plan to write more about it soon & post more photos.

did i post the poster up here already? don’t think so. here it is.

the poster captures the feeling of the play perfectly….creativity in the bursting balance of imprisonment and horror.
i threw the concept to beth and she designed it (the girl rocks in too many ways to name).
we’ll be selling beautiful art posters of the image and shirts with the image at the show, so bring money.


also, if you haven’t bought tickets yet: DO. some nights are filling up and the press is about to hit the stands this weekend.
come ! carpool !
you. must. see. the show.
it really, truly is one of the things i am most proudest of in a long long time. the kids are KILLING IT.

i am way backed up in teh blogosphere. maybe twitter is corrupting my mind. everything is now being mentally shortened to 140 characters.

last night i took a break from the lexington high shcool theater world to go play a little show at wellesley college, an all-women’s school outside of boston.
we had a lovely time, and i repeated by stunt from smith college last year and made the audience (who were all sitting on the floor) take a 2-minute nap with me.

i found three comfortable laps and spread out (nice sweat stain, proves i was working my ass up there on stage, right?):

and then made like a super-capitalist and sold these shirts:

….and we sold A LOT OF THEM, as evidenced by this here picture:
(all photos by beth hommel)

in case you didn’t have any cash on you and want one, we have about 60 total left over (in random sizes). there are only a few of each so act quick if you want a specific size:
baby doll small, adult S, adult M, adult L, adult Xl and adult XXL
please send an email with the subject “WELLESLY TSHIRT SIZE __” (where the blank is the size you want) to and we’ll let you know what to do. if you want more than one that’s fine, just be sure to specify. first come/first served and all that jazz.

the show itself was very sweet and felt like camp.

it was a pro-choice benefit, so i played all the abortion-related songs that i knew (“mandy goes to med school, “oasis” and “brick” by ben folds)
and covered all the bad-ass women i could think of (“like oh like h” by tegan & sara, “winter” by tori amos, “après moi” by regina spektor) and had a very amusing round of “ask amanda”.

someone asked: “is there ever a situation in which, in your opinion, abortion is wrong?”

i answered: “yes, definitely. when somebody gives you an abortion that you did not ask for.”

after the show i signed lots of things and met lots of people and the photo session at the end of the night turned into a very wholesome all-girls school everybody-take-off-your-shirt-and-pose-topless-with-amanda party.
which WASN’T MY IDEA, but damn it was fun. sadly, i do not have those pictures :)

neil gaiman wrote a really nice blog about visiting the lexington rehearsals and posted some photos, including this AMAZING one from coachella that i got a few days ago.
taken by tegan’s girlfriend lindsey byrnes:


here’s neil’s blog…

i’ve been spending nights out at my parents dear old house … soaking up the last few peaceful  moments that i might really have there, since they plan on selling it (if you don’t know the whole story, the song tells it all:


it’s sad to be there, but beautiful. the best time of year. i’ve been taking some random self-portraits. before they totally move i’m going to drag beth out there for an epic photo project. i can’t not. that house is my soul.


still working on my open letter to robert smith, who changed my life at coachella.
still working on my long music industry blog.

for now, happy to just say

happy spring

thank GOD


i love you guys


p.s. just got an email, coincidentally, from planned paretnhood asking for emails to go to your senators to support obama’s choice to appoint governor kathleen selelius as sec. of health and human services. from their mailer, and please help by signing, sending and passing along:
President Obama’s nominee for secretary of health and human services, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, is under attack from anti-choice extremists who want to block her confirmation. They’re doing everything they can to convince their allies in the Senate to play along.

Tell your senators to confirm Gov. Sebelius as secretary of health and human services — now.

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