Photo on 5-6-14 at 12.24 AM #2

LONDON: i’m not able to make the British Library (16 may). neil will still be there. please read for info.

UPDATE/EDIT 7 may 5:19pm EST: we can now confirm that the one and only marc almond will be joining with a “dark cabaret set” alongside the artists previously mentioned, filling in amidst my absence. so, all the more incentive to keep the tickets you already had and still attempt, i hope!

hola comrades.

first of all – thank you all for the beautiful sharing and backing and crowdfunding love on my birthday. you all made a lot of artists very fucking happy and me happy, too. love.

this is, again, a hard message for me to write.

if you have tickets to the gig i was going to do at THE BRITISH LIBRARY on may 16th in conjunction with neil’s gig for COMICS UNMASKED, i’m very, very sorry to tell you that i’m not going to make it. neil’s previously booked early-evening event (with tori amos) is still on, and they’re presenting an alternate show in my place (which your tickets will be valid for should you choose to keep them). they will be able to issue you a refund, info is below. i know its not enough for some of you, i know a lot of you are making travel plans, and i know this just blows. i’m really, really sorry.
the good news – the tiny little bit in the midst of all of this – is that mr. gaiman will now be officially part of the bill for what once was my spot. more on that below.

i am canceling an entire trip to europe and the UK, during which this was the only gig. i was supposed to be traveling with neil to Jordan this sunday at the invitation of the United Nations to visit the refugee camps there, and i’m not going, and i had a recording session planned for a week in london after the gig, it’s also canceled.


i can tell you this: it’s not all roses at the moment. there are book deadlines but, more importantly, some health factors (my own and others) and as usual, this wasn’t a decision i made lightly…i hemmed and hawed for weeks about whether to do this. my last gig in london was already a rescheduled gig, and that whole tour, having been postponed because of anthony’s cancer, was the first postponed tour of my career. it did not make me feel good, but the amount of understanding and patience from you guys was unparalleled and i beg your forgiveness once again. life is happening in real time and it isn’t pretty.

we’re hoping that those of you who may want to come to a mystery-gig-featuring-neil-reading-and-some-other-musicians will at least still venture out. also confirmed alongside neil is the extraordinary dave mckean (who i’m sure most of you know has illustrated much of neil’s work including “sandman”) and a DJ set by fashion designer pam hogg.
as of posting this, the library is in the midst of confirming additional wonderful performers to join the bill (prepare to hopefully be amazed!). they should be announcing the full lineup within the next day or two. as with further details on the cancellation, those updates will appear here. and don’t worry, neil has assured me that he will not attempt to dress as me, or play piano.

if you decide not to come, here are the details about refunds, from the library:
If you do wish to apply for a refund this can only be done by calling British Library box office on 01937 546546 – Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. All refund requests should be received by 5pm on Monday 12 May.

please understand and accept my apology especially if you were coming from further afield, send some prayers and good vibes towards the east coast of america, and do a shot for me that night.

i’ll be back in london. soon. i hope. more than you know. i need you all right now.

love, hugs, and a heavy heart.

more soon.


p.s. and a favor…please don’t barrage the british library with questions. they are not a full-time entertainment megaplex…they are doing their best. thank you again, guys. and i’m sorry.

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  • Isla

    I wasn’t going to be able to go to the London Gig, but I just wanted to say that I am really sending my support and love right now. Even more so than usual, and thought I had been sending it all!!
    I REALLY HOPE things aren’t too serious, or that if they are, that they clear up as soon as cosmically possible. I mean, health factors?! Yours and others?? Are you alright?
    In any case, sending SUPPORT, LOVE, AND, ALL THE HEALING VIBES I HAVE. xxx
    (don’t worry. everyone will understand. :) )

  • Nikos Dunno

    I’m sure you’ll be there with us in spirit, and we’ll be sending our love across the atlantic. You have created a wonderful community that exists 24/7 whether you’re there in person to join us or not, and we will all enjoy each other’s company, and wish your troubles away, so you can be back with us as soon as possible. All my hugs, love and best wishes towards you.

  • Christine

    It sounds like you’re going through a tough time at the moment – all the best wishes, hugs and good art to you – of course we understand! I’m going to go to the gig anyway, enjoy the awesome community of your fans and Neil’s fans and “surprise” fans, and hope that we see you in Europe healthy and happy soon! xx

  • James O’Leary

    Amanda, I know it’s hard for you to cancel a show, and that the reason you’re doing it because it is the right thing for you to do. As someone who loves you and your art, I want you to do what is right for you. So I understand. Life is happening in real time… I get it. Plus, there will be Amanda Palmer fans there, and it sounds like it will be a cool line up – I’ll even get to see Neil Gaiman!
    I’m sorry that things are so hard right now. I’m sending good vibes from Ireland (Irish vibes are especially mighty).

  • Dane

    I’m a super fan and never been in the right palce at the right time, but we are human before we are anything more! Amanda – turn hardship into poetry. With love. Mr and Mr Taurus.

  • cookie meister

    Hey Beautiful :) You just take care of that beautiful heart and know, and FEEL, that you are very very LOVED <3 You give so much of yourself and bring so much joy to all of us, just by being you, each and every day, more than you will ever know….you need to take time out for you, hang in there, one day at a time….You will be very missed but you will be there in our thoughts and always in our hearts…..p.s please get Neil to dress as you and to play piano, just because :) p.p.s BIGGEST LOVE AND HUGS, ALWAYS XXXX

  • Katherine Chesher

    I’ll always love and forgive you Amanda. I’m sure everyone will understand. Sending massive hugs your way and hoping things go well for you soon.

    I plan to still go and see the lovely Mr Gaiman, and I’ll make sure I hug every AFP fan I find.

    Much love to you xxx

  • insignifikunt

    sending you all my love and best wishes.
    i wish i could pick you up the way you’ve picked me up many times in the past.

    i sincerely hope everything with you and the ones you love improve.

    love love love x

  • brit

    This seems to have become a habit. Sorry, but just don’t make commitments if you can’t handle them. We did read all about you hanging out in Melbourne & drinking wine every night & oh, your book & then flying out to the West coast & oh, more fun & oh, more wine. Ok, so what is this?!? Course there’s always going to be a reason, but …. sucks for the British Museum & for Neil who now has to step in & for all the fans who already paid for tickets and travel. Sorry Amanda & fans, but this sucks. And this was the big announcement? Another cancelled show. I mean, really?

    • brit

      It’s just SO MUCH DRAMA. I realize Amanda Palmer is all about that (& my girlfriend seems to love it) but REALLY? Normal people don’t get to act like this. And the picture, looking all forlorn, is just too much – too much frigging DRAMA.

      • June_Miller

        If she did still do this show–all stressed out, feeling pretty bunk, but still trying to perform–would you still be pleased?

        Or would you post about how shitty the performance was?

        Let’s talk normal!

        Accepting that people get a lot mounted up before them, and those around them, and sometimes, they need to take a step back and breathe before they completely lose their shit.

        Sorry you and your girl won’t be able to see her performance. Sorry not everyone’s going to get the refund they’re wanting.

      • Lecari

        You have an odd definition of what counts as ‘drama’… Being that the recent cancelled tour is one of the few times in her whole career that she’s cancelled any shows at all, despite a broken foot or losing her voice. It’s certainly not something done lightly, as she says – so I think her fans can forgive her!

        And ‘normal people don’t get to act like this’ – what, cancel things if they or someone close to them has poor health? Um, yes, they do.

        Yeah, it really sucks, and I am super disappointed, but I understand that something major must have happened for her to take such an extreme step, and I hope she & her loved ones feel better and things improve. I hope you feel ashamed of your comments – Amanda will see this, she always reads the blog comments, and at a time when she’s said she’s already struggling, this is incredibly rude and thoughtless.

        • Coolness

          As long as she isn’t raping people, then I’m cool.

      • Rebecca Horne

        “Normal people don’t get to act like this,”
        Funny…I distinctly recall taking time away from school every time somebody in my family had cancer. I even had a professor once reschedule a final exam so I could go to my little sister’s attacker’s trial… I took time off of work to go to a funeral once…

        Actually, I think that occasionally having shit come up is exactly what’s expected of normal people.

        • Lecari

          Exactly… From her latest blog I certainly don’t blame her for taking some time out to be with Neil, her friends and her family.

      • Will

        There is just one thing that sticks out in your comment that I feel is worth closer examination and that’s the word “normal”. I’ve only viewed AFP twice. Once in her response to the Daily Mail and the on TED Talks. In doing so, I feel there is nothing remotely close to what I would view as “normal”, yet there is a lot of what I admire about a woman and a human. She is immensely courageous and vulnerable. If you want “normal” you must look somewhere else, for that isn’t here. She reminds me of the quote from “Here’s to the crazy ones”.

        “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels,
        the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

        So here is to you Amanda Fucking Palmer, one of the crazy ones. Please don’t ever settle for “normal”.

  • Tom Steiger

    I shake my tiny fists in impotent rage at your problems, which I desperately want to fix but do not even comprehend. All I can offer is love and support, which somehow simultaneously seems monumental and insignificant. Sigh. Life is performed daily without a net.

  • June_Miller




  • Rebecca Horne

    I’m sorry you (and others) are having health problems. I hope everything works out.

  • Guest

    I spoke to a very polite man at the British Library on the phone a couple of hours ago about getting a ticket refund. He said (sounding very excited) “we’ve just had confirmation that Marc Almond will be performing.. are you SURE you’d still like a refund?” I then felt a bit bad saying yes. But I hope my freed-up ticket will now be eagerly snapped up by a diehard Marc Almond fan. I chose to see it less as not-seeing-AFP-and-giving-money-to-the-British-Library and more as having-an-extra-£12.50-in-my-bank-account-and-giving-a-Marc-Almond-fan-somewhere-a-chance-to-see-him. PERSPECTIVE FTW.

    All love to you, Amanda. Don’t worry about it. If you’re depressed I hope it passes quickly, if you’re physically sick I hope it’s nothing too nasty. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Just ask. (You know we would do anything if we could. You know we would. ;-) )

  • MAThompson

    dear amanda, it’s never easy to sort through to the heart of the matter and make a choice. it’s never easy, but it’s necessary. this must have been so hard to do, but it sounds like the reasons are compelling and heartfelt. take good care.

  • Lecari

    Hi Amanda, hope things get better for you soon, and hope to see you in London another time xx

  • Herpestidae Rubedo

    The reason we love you so much is because you give so much, and because you are a fabulously flawed human, who needs time to rest and heal just like everyone else. There are those who demand unreasonable things from an artist, but most of us know just how human you are, human like us, and we understand when you need time. Take care of yourself, so you can be strong for others you love, and in the meantime we will continue to be inspired by everything you have given to us up until this point. Lots of blankets and 80’s movies.

    • Sherie Kirby

      Beautifully sad. Thank you!

  • lentower

    love to you & yours.

  • Ian Gregory

    I had a spare ticket and nobody to go with but my sister is a huge Marc Almond fan and jumped at the chance. So now I get to hang out with my sister, who is also called Amanda. I have the perfect T-Shirt to wear and I wanted you to see it but although you are the main reason I booked I am still really looking forward to the event. Maybe you could make a brief virtual appearance using something like Skype? Hope you are soon moving in the positive, love Ian

  • Ollie Glass

    Feel better, Amanda. :)

  • Ellis Moore

    I hope you are feeling well soon my lover. We all love you and wish you the best. Life can get rough but the storm will pass, even when the light at the end of the tunnel is invisible it’s still there, Have hope.


    When I first heard this was cancelled I was so sad. Seeing her perform was keeping me going through all my work, and I was also going use the gig as a source for an essay I was writing about her. Then I realalised what gives Amanda the freedom to do what she likes with her music is also what gives her the freedom to cancel. Fans have to take the good with the bad. Also the basic compassion element that if she really can’t do this she shouldn’t have to. It must have taken alot of courage to cancel. Hopefully will be in the UK soon xxx

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  • Sherie Kirby

    ~huggz~ Were with you Amanda!

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