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i got a weird text today, from an unknown telephone number, after i landed from edinburgh at heathrow airport in london.

(fyi, this was a photo from the plane that i posted today on twitter and instagram. i don’t often take them, but we are in the so fucking often, why don’t i? it’s a part of life. here it is:


for what it’s worth, this is my family in our natural habitat. @british_airways flight #1445 direct from edinburgh to london. i compose emails about the patron pop-up this weekend in camden, @neilhimself works on the second draft of a script for a secret TV thing, ash watches the muppet movie for like the 14th time. all in all, we are managing and life isn’t too bad. we don’t have lives exactly like anyone else i know and we still haven’t figured out how to really do…well, anything. not perfectly. but we are surviving and we are doing okay in our imperfection. that’s enough, for now, i think. and in some incarnation as my younger self, i may have described this scene as the absolutely pinnacle of peaceful perfection. and maybe it is. who is to say? #Art #Life -#ArtLife#Travel #Parenting#WhateverWorksHoney


anyway, back to the weird text.

it said:

I am looking forward to seeing you tonight for 5:30 pilates.

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