a beautiful photograph

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just a quick random one

i just stumbled across this totally triumphant photo from @herplaceisin on instagram.

the more i work and make art and image and music nowadays, especially using the funds of y’all patrons, the more i realize that art is never just the final product.

it’s the process.

it’s the moment of making and how that moment reverberates through time and space.

this photo is not just about the final image. it’s about the moment we feel, that is lost to time. all these women coming together in a stance of solidarity.

where? how? who knows.

looking at this photo i had two thoughts in quick succession.

one: what a magnificent thing to have created and how magnificent is this world that we all get to see it on the internet.

two: oh my god how did this shot get produced, how did it get organized, what is the complicated backstory of all these people and this photographer being here at this moment in time.

and how or will anyone get paid for giving us this glorious feeling.

how does it all work.

we are given these incredible tidbits of feeling and glory through the internet, but what makes those feelings possible? who pays? and why? all good for thought as you consider how you use and enjoy the internet and how you reward and encourage the people making the art your soul needs.

on that note

i thank you deeply for your patronage tonight.

im feelin it




ps if you go to herplaceisin.com, you can order a print of this photo on canvas. tell em i sent you. xx

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