questionnaire. (kill the children).

by Wendell Berry

1. How much poison are you willing to eat for the success of the free market and global trade? Please name your preferred poisons.

2. For the sake of goodness, how much evil are you willing to do? Fill in the following blanks with the names of your favorite evils and acts of hatred.

3. What sacrifices are you prepared to make for culture and civilization? Please list the monuments, shrines, and works of art you would most willingly destroy.

4. In the name of patriotism and the flag, how much of our beloved land are you willing to desecrate?List in the following spaces the mountains, rivers, towns, farms you could most readily do without.

5. State briefly the ideas, ideals, or hopes, the energy sources, the kinds of security, for which you would kill a child. Name, please, the children whom you would be willing to kill.


i recorded this poem yesterday (at night, hear the crickets? those are outside the kitchen) for today’s edition of maria popova‘s ”brainpickings” (also patron funded, you should support her).

listen here:




the recording studio today was AMAZING. on less than 4 hours notice, 19 people showed up to sing. the track is finished. it’ll come out today or tomorrow.

everyone was so amazing.

there was one woman, a teacher, sydney, who drove all the way from connecticut and arrived at ten past four. she missed the recording but she sat in the control room and she came out crying. i teach in southern connecticut, she said. i understood.

nobody else cried because they all had to sing.

i told her she did the most important job. she did. she made me think my song is good.

here we all are


photo by michael….who is the best assistant ever. and his son liam sang. and so did lukas, my engineer’s seven-year-old son. the kids are alright.

we need to get the artwork and the clips and shiitake together.

the artwork has a really amazing story in itself.

but hopefully this will fly tomorrow. if not, friday.

i love you all

don’t kill the children.





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