a morning rant about discrimination.

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hallo loves and good morning.

i spent all last nignt spontaneously at club cumming on the lower east side singing musical theater songs with lance horne. i am happy as fuck.



singing happy birthday to seeet jonathan…that’s lance on piano and me on bra (he didn’t warn me or i would have brought a decent shirt to nyc. at least i had eyeliner in my bag)

there were lots of strong words against trump on stage. so many queers in NYC have fought for so much. people are PISSED.



you can do wonder with one eyeliner

and also

i needed to share this rant with you that i just posted to FB/twitter and instagram as well.

what kind of a fuck-up world are we living in where i get “called out” on facebook for practicing “positive discrimination” for encouraging women of color to respond to an extras call for a video shoot so that we don’t have a cast of entirely white women. i gotta say.

i’ve been shooting videos for a long time & i really try to diversify the genders/races/sizes of the actors and dancers in my shoots, because look what is happening in this country. i’d love to not be part of the goddamned problem. people watch my videos. kids watch my videos.

given how (even more) racist/divided this country is becoming under trump, if i’m gonna make a video with a huge cast of women you can bet your ass i am going to try my hardest to reach outside of my predominantly white network and go out of my way to cast as many WoC as i can.

we’ve had a hundred submissions and they are 95% from white gals. and i mean, look at me, look at my fan base. it’s seriously white and always has been. it’s not something i’m ashamed of. like attracts like and i’m a white woman from fuckin suburban massachusetts singing my pain.

but here’s the thing: i KNEW i would probably get shit for specifically asking WoC to respond to this call. i paused. i was like “ughhh people are gonna give me shit”. and i did it anyway. that pause feels like everything that’s wrong with the internet and this country right now.

so fuck that pause, and fuck the forces trying to curb the flow of sloppy progress (its always sloppy) and don’t forget to do what you feel is right even if some folks are gonna yell at you on facebook. and THE DEADLINE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS IS 11:59pm tonight.

and we are shamelessly looking for women of color. because we can. so we are.

spread the word.



i cant wait for this fucking shoot.



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